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Video Emails - Put Your Face And Message Out There!
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Video Emails   -   Put Your Face And Message Out There!

We are visual creatures. We like seeing things. We need more and more stimulation. It is great to write and receive emails but even better when we get a phone call! When you get a message it is great to read the information, even better when you hear a person's voice but what is even more satisfying is to see the person's face and see her or him talking! We make all kinds of decisions including purchasing and business based on our impressions.

We are watching more and more videos. YouTube is becoming more popular than TV. It is reported by consumer tracking services that for 45 % of consumers TV is becoming their preferred Internet video screen. Around 10% of homes have Internet enabled TV screens.

People are watching record number of videos on their smartphones and tablets. Digital media consumption continues to increase with the growing number of TV-s that has Internet connection and smartphones and tablets with mobile internet connections.

Mobile video views had jumped 300% last year. Tablets are fueling this growth in record numbers. Social media plays significant role in marketing. Socially-referred videos have much higher viewing rates. Social media users are more than twice as likely to like, comment or share video content than non video content. Twitter with its reasonably small, 16% video social referrals, three times more to generate referral traffic than any other social media websites.

This Adobe study recommends that businesses should produce more video for marketing and use more social media to engage viewers. The study states that only one-fourth of companies use videos in their social media postings!

Smart network marketing individuals already figured out that building a good database of followers and delivering regular valuable information to our mailbox on our computers or mobile devices is a very profitable move when it comes to business. How many marketing email do you get in your mailbox daily? How many does include video links?

However, there is a very smart company called Talk Fusion who figured out how to deliver emails that include a professionally designed template with video insertions that open online.

You can select from hundreds of professionally designed beautiful templates for any business or personal occasion or events and insert a number of videos (your own or professionally made, you even can select videos provided by the company that are professionally made) and send out to individuals or groups. This email can contain a message like a normal email and even an attachment. However, when you click the play button, it takes you online so the video does not download on your computer. The recipient gets an email that is like a beautifully designed E postcard with a video inserted in it. Honestly, it is pretty impressive and very high-tech! You even can design your own template or have one designed by the company's award winning design department!

Once a video email is sent, it stays in the sender's Talk Fusion library that is located in the online office and can be sent out to the same or new people, shared again with anyone or on any platform on social media. The sender gets an immediate email notification when the video email has been viewed by the recipient. While these emails are sitting in the sender's library, the statistics show every movement of the video email and track the viewings.

It is really easy and quick to use Talk Fusion. There is full manual and video tutorial included within the online office that can is accessible online. The 'On the Go' app can be downloaded to mobile devices so you can be anywhere and still stay in touch with business, colleagues, family and friends through video emails, regardless of using Talk Fusion for business or fun! It takes 30-60 seconds to send out a video email once you know how to use the system and truly anyone can do it!

You can imagine, what an advantage it is for business owners in any industry or for companies like Banks, Real Estates, Car Dealers, Medical Practices, really, for anyone, to know exactly when to call the client for a follow up and discuss the information that just has been viewed!

Can you imagine, how a band or an artist can promote their music or any art work directly to their fans when they can include a video of their latest concert or exhibition to notify them about the next one? Include a personal message to let them know about any news sending their video emails with video clips in a branded template straight to the mailbox of their followers?

Instead of expecting people to find them on YouTube or visit their website, the video email gets delivered to the fans' email account on their computer, smartphones and tablets and can be shared right away with others!

Just picture a birthday video message, a holiday video clip, a Thank You message or a Baby's first step video email being sent to loved ones! Or just your favourite music video inserted in a great template with your personal message sent to someone you love!

Video online communication is here to stay. By 2015 90% of all communications will be by video. This is a cutting-edge technology that is already spreading like a wildfire! Don't be left behind!

Cheers, Piroska

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  about 2 years ago
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