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Which Ebook Reader Is The Best For You?
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Which Ebook Reader is The Best for You?

There are a number of eReaders in the market and choosing which eBook Reader is the best for you may tend to be a daunting task. This should not be the case when you put into account a few considerations. For instance, you should consider whether you want to primarily read books, magazines, comic books, children's books or watch videos.


If you are mainly interested in reading books and bogs. The best eBook Reader is the Kindle Wi-Fi. This is because the eBook Reader has all the basic features and it is quite affordable at $79 with Special Offers. The device will let you go online and read blogs since it has build-in Wi-Fi. The e-Reader is also lightweight at 140 grams, making it ideal to travel with on a trip or carry along everyday.

Magazines and Newspapers

If together with reading books you would also like to subscribe to periodicals like magazines and newspapers. The best eBook Readers are the Kindle Touch Wi-Fi, Kindle Touch 3G+Wi-Fi and Nook Touch. The Kindle Touch Wi-Fi and Kindle Touch 3G+Wi-Fi can both roughly hold 3,000 books. The Nook Touch has 2Gb internal memory that can roughly hold 1,000 books. The storage of the Kindle models is not expandable whereas that of the Nook Touch is expanded to up to 32 Gb.

The eReaders have touchscreens with battery life of up to 2 months. They have build-in Wi-Fi that enables you to receive periodicals instantly when you connect to the Internet.

Comic Books, Children's Books and Videos

The best eBook Readers to read comic books and other colored publications like children's books, cook books as well as watch movies and TV shows are the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. These devices have 7" touchscreen color displays and build-in Wi-Fi, letting you to go online to search for content, download, and stream music, TV shows and movies. The Kindle Fire has 8Gb internal memory that can hold up to 6,000 books or 80 apps and 10 movies whereas the Nook Tablet has 16Gb internal memory that can hold up to 10,000 books or 80 apps and 16 movies.

The ebook Readers enable you to seamlessly browse the web, streaming and downloading content, as they have dual-core processors.

Both devices have good support for interactive children's books and instantly connect you to their respective online stores - Kindle Store for the Kindle Fire Color and Barnes and Noble online bookstore for the Nook Tablet. The online stores give you easy access to books apps, games, music and movies.

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