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Why Buy A Kindle Fire Cover?
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Why buy a Kindle Fire Cover?

Why would you want to cover up your new Kindle Fire Tablet?

So, you've got your new Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet! Great isn't it? You can now play movies, view your photos, play games, read books and a whole lot more yet to be discovered.

It looks great, doesn't it?

A slim tablet with a great screen and a vivid display. It weighs next to nothing too. Just think what a PC of just a few years ago, capable of doing only some of the stuff your new Fire tablet can do now, would have weighed and how much room it would have taken up! You can't help but be impressed by the advances we all tend to take for granted nowadays can you? You are, no doubt, glad you decided to buy a Kindle Fire Tablet, aren't you? Maybe you are thinking it could look even in better in a Kindle Fire Cover or Case!

Fits in your pocket!

But now you have a gadget that fits in your pocket - well, maybe a large pocket! - without weighing you down and does so many amazing things unimaginable just a few years ago. It weighs so little too. Easy to carry around wherever you go. Easy to damage too, if you aren't careful!

Not as expensive as some tablets.

But it is cheap! It costs just $199 from Amazon. That's almost giving it away. In fact there are rumors that Amazon are selling the Fire Tablet at a loss to capture the market. I personally think that is a distinct possibility! If this strategy works out for them Amazon will have virtually a 'captive market'. A good outcome for them and, with the vast amount of software (books, games, movies etc. etc.) they have available now and with more to come in the future, not a bad thing for you too. You certainly won't be stuck for something to watch on your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet!

So, why cover it up?

Now with such a marvelous looking device you may well be asking why on earth would anyone even consider covering it up in a case, cover or sleeve. Lets face it if you owned a valuable painting why would you keep that under wraps? So why cover up that Kindle Fire?

A good question!

And I can give you at least three answers to it:

  1. To keep it looking good.
  2. To protect it from harm and getting broken.
  3. To personalize it and make it individual to you.

To preserve its good looks.

Okay so $199 is a great, low price for such an incredible gadget. But even so I'm sure you would still want to keep from getting scuffed and scratched.

No doubt you’ll take it everywhere with you and I'm sure you will want to keep it looking as good as new. But accidents can happen and 'wear and tear' is inevitable unless the Fire is protected. A cover or case will help prevent such damage and keep it in pristine condition much longer.

To protect it from harm and getting broken.

With all the things it can do it will quickly become as essential as a cell phone – and you know how you feel if you've just left that at home or even broken or lost it, don't you?

Imagine, then, accidentally dropping your precious Fire Tablet! It hits the deck and is broken or even just badly scratched, cracked or disfigured. How would you feel about that? I'd be heart broken, I'm sure. My constant companion broken and shattered!

The only good part about this awful situation would be that if it was damaged beyond repair at least your purchased software, books etc are safely backed up on the Amazon servers.

That is a great feature but even so how long would it take to get a replacement and how much would it cost? Another $199?

A good quality Kindle Fire cover would most likely prevent it getting damaged in the first place. Buying a Fire Cover would be a great safety measure!

To personalize it.

With, quite possibly, many of your friends and family getting their own Kindle Fire Tablets this year there may well be many similar looking tablets around. A distinctive cover for yours will really make it stand out and look very different from all the others. You'll easily know which one is yours and your friends will know that it isn't theirs!

Covers for the Kindle Fire come in an ever increasing range of styles and colors so it should be an easy job to find one perfect for and and individual too. They are available in many different styles including Folio, Jacket as well as simple Sleeve styles. Each one having its own special features. Some have Velcro catches, others have a zipper and some even have magnetic catches. Some act as stands so that you can watch movies hands-free!

But one thing they all have in common is that they are all designed to keep your Fire Tablet safe and sound! So, that's three very good reasons why you should get a Kindle Fire Cover.

To Preserve, Protect and Personalize!

On the subject of personalization, they also come in virtually every color you can imagine.

  • Black - Very business-like.
  • Red – A vivid, racy color.
  • Brown – A very traditional color particularity in Leather
  • Blue – A nice sedate, calming color.
  • Green – Cool and calm; but don't leave it on the lawn!
  • Yellow – A very bright, unusual color for a Kindle Fire Cover.
  • Pink – One for the girls - although not exclusively! Very pretty and stylish.
  • White – A very pure color. Think weddings and snow!
  • Plenty of choice in fact!

Kindle Fire Covers are also made by some of the top manufacturers in their field.

Such as:

  • Belkin
  • Marware
  • Verso
  • Splash
  • Timbuk2
  • Built
  • And, of course, Kindle themselves

So much choice!

With so many styles and colors of covers for your Kindle Fire to choose from and you may well feel overwhelmed! I would suggest that you first decide on your favorite color or the color would like for your Fire.

Then look at the different styles available in that color. Would a simple sleeve suffice or do you need something that provides more protection such as a Jacket style? Maybe you would prefer the convenience of a Folio cover. These make viewing the tablet as easy as opening and reading a book. Or perhaps a cover that doubles as a stand allowing hands-free viewing would be right for you.

But whichever cover you choose for your Fireit will help to keep your new Fire Tablet looking good, keep it from harm and enhance its appearance.

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