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Bipolar Disorder; With The Power To Have Control
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Bipolar Disorder; With The Power To Have Control

Every journey begins with a destination. Bipolar sufferers do not always have the convenience to choose a destination due to the loss of control associated with the bipolar condition. It isa lack of control that is often brought about by bipolar rapid cycling, weather hypo-manic or manic. These cycles can happen without expectation and not knowing what to expect leads to the feeling of no control. Control in this case is a relative state of being, therefore the tending of the bipolar condition should include a mental routine.

Decide to commit to a routine.

The decision to establish a routine is the first step in the mental process to control. Having made the decision to tend to the bipolar condition establishes the fact that you want to change the situation you are in, to have the will to fix a routine is the first step to the routine. The routine can be when you wake up in the morning and say “I am going to commit to a routine.” You can say that for a week or a month every morning. You decide how long you are going to say it.

By stating a time line and committing to it you have already established control. You do not need to have control all day, but just for those few seconds in the morning, every morning is control.

Do not let anyone tell you differently; those few words in the morning can be for a bi polar sufferer a major commitment when you do not know what state of mind you will be in the next day. If you have you are a manic 1 when you are in your “high” and you you find those words simplistic the will seem less so when you have fallen to your low.

After the routine is firmly established then create your routine. Knowledge is a major part of helping your self with any condition and when you are bipolar or think you are then the quest for knowledge should be one of the first self help routines created.

Commit to aroutine of learning.

There is an ocean of knowledge in the internet and there are a vast array of books. You should commit to an amount of days during the week and a specific time each day. You can determine how much time you will commit to finding sources and a specific time to reading from those sources. Once again; this time commitment is another step to gaining control.

Knowledge is power” Sir Francis Bacon

And to have power is to have control.

These are just two small exercises that when made into a routine can lead to a feeling of; yes, you do have control even with your bi polar condition. It's the little things that count, when you have control over a number of little things then you have more control then what you think.

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