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25 Ways For Mom To Shake Off The Day
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Sometimes life gives you "those" days...You know the ones I'm talking about, right? Nothing is going right. You left your kid home with the babysitter and surprise surprise, they left a natural disaster in your house. There are twelve loads of laundry and a sink full of food encrusted dishes just waiting for YOU and only you, to do them. All you want to do is scream. You are probably remembering "those" days more clearly now. I have the solution for you. First...scream. Second, utilize this list of relaxing things to do to ease your mounting anxiety. Enjoy!

1.Fill up the tub. Light Some candles. Turn up the Enya. Then hop into that bath and let the stress melt away...

2.For the working woman: Gather up your favorite girlfriends and go spend that hard earned money. Try some place new (besides the mall) such as those stores you drive by on Main Street that you've been meaning to step into.

3. Re-read your favorite book. Whether it be a steamy romance novel or that mystery novel that has you going to bed with all lights lit for fear of a murderer hiding in your closet.

4. Go for a walk. Explore a part of your neighborhood that you never roam. Keep your mind clear and breathe in the fresh air.

5. Take a nap. Good golly miss Molly! Sleep will definitely save your soul!

6. Go to a spa. Enough said.

7. Take deep breaths and count to ten. Some call this meditation. I call this a "Mommy Time-Out".

8. Listen to your favorite music and soak in those words.

9. Take a drive. Go for an hour and see how lost you can get.

10. Go on a miniature vacation (familyless) to appreciate more what you've left behind.

11. Go to a GROWN UP movie!

12. Go out with your friends. Dinner. Movie. Drinks. Dancing. WHATEVER. Party on!

13. Have a glass of wine (or two). Cabernet...yum...

14. Drink some chamomile tea. Not only is it delicious, but it will bring the relaxation in a hurry.

15. Aimlessly browse the internet. YouTube is good for a few laughs.

16. Have some rockin sex! Seriously you will feel MUCH better. (Use protection, unless you want more stressors in your life)

17. Go to your happy place. Sit down in a big comfy chair and imagine a place (real or imaginary) that makes you feel truly at peace with the world and go there. IN YOUR MIND!

18. Get a massage. Preferably by a man named Pierre.

19. Cry. Let the waterfall flow. Crying truly cleanses the soul.

20. Exercise. Go to the gym. Go for a jog (if you're so inclined?). Put a dvd in and let 'er rip. Let the endorphins make you happy!

21. Are you crafty? Pick up a hobby that is yours and yours alone.

22. Go to a tanning bed and soak up those artificial sunbeam happy makers!

23. Laugh. Studies have shown that 15 minutes of rolling on the floor laughing (aka rofl in text speak) is the equivalent to 2 hours of nap time.

24. Cook something. When your focus is on the ingredients and not on the pile of laundry sitting over there, you will truly be blessed with peace.

25. Sing. Studies show that singing releases endorphins which in turn, makes you happy. So be the superstar I know you are!

Thank you for reading this article! I wish you all the peace, joy, and relaxation that you deserve.

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