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Breastfeeding Advice – What I’d Do If I Were To Start All Over Again
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Do YOU want to breastfeed your baby, but certain obstacles are getting in the way? One mother almost gave up, but overcame them! Breastfeeding advice from research and experience:

As a new mom or mom-to-be, you may already have encountered breastfeeding advice in some form. If you are like most well-meaning mothers who want the best for their children, at some point during your pregnancy you may have considered breastfeeding your baby; exclusively, even, as often as you can, for as long as you possibly can. As a Registered Nurse, I certainly have.

But the moment your baby is born, you find that milk supply is scarce, perhaps even totally absent. You try to let baby suck, but nothing comes out, and atop of that you wince at the pain. She is hungrily frustrated, understandably so, while you feel guilty that you aren’t making any.

Several moments and a couple more days pass, you let baby suck, you pump, suck and pump again. Still, no milk! Maybe a few drops come out, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Your nipples are probably sore, cracked, and bleeding from all that sucking. Could you believe that? Baby is screaming, and despite your good intentions to breastfeed, you cave in and offer formula.

Does some parts of this scenario ring true for you? What can I do? You think. This is one of the too many breastfeeding stories with bitter endings. Nothing could be more frustrating to mommy and baby as missing this simple joy, and it just breaks my heart.

This was my story.

For a month after my first daughter was born, at least! We managed to turn it around before it was too late and now, 2 months later, we are happily exclusively breastfeeding.

Are you determined to salvage your weak and waning breastfeeding relationship with your baby?

Are you determined NOT to spend needlessly on inexpensive, sub-standard formula, and foster that bond with your baby that only YOU as her mother could give?

These obstacles can be overcome. Don’t let these stop you.

5 top tips-- here’s how:


1. Take galactagogues 2 weeks before your due date. Galactagogues are milk-inducing agents in the form of herbs or synthetic medications. Examples are: Nigella Sativa, Raspberry leaf, Blessed Thistle, Anise, Fennel, Fenugreek, Cumin, Vervain, and Moringga. Consult with doctor regarding the best galactagogue and dosage for you.

2. Arrange for early and frequent latch-on within 1 hour of your baby’s birth and every 1 ½ to 2 hours from the beginning of one feeding to the next. Milk may come in as early as months before birth up to 72 hours after birth in some mothers. This is normal and no cause for alarm, but do let your doctor know. Frequent sucking and galactagogues may strongly help milk to come in earlier.

On the other hand, this very same kind of frequent and unrestricted type of nursing is the best way to avoid breast engorgement and mastitis. Talk about balance!

3. Do breast massage. Breast massage techniques for lactation vary from method to method. A popular one by Dr. Sears involves massaging the breast from the top down towards the nipple in light, feather touches, then pressing the breast firmly with the flat of the fingers into the chest in spiral motions from the outside going in towards the areola.


1. Succumb to giving formula. For the first 48 hours of life, colostrum as little as your pinky’s fingernail is all your baby needs because he still has a reserve of nutrients from your body prior to being born.

Yes you read that right! 3-5 drops in the first 48 hours is enough. Unless deemed necessary by a pro-breastfeeding pediatrician as a last resort to ‘fill up’ your newborn while your milk isn’t there yet, but rarely is this as urgent as they make it out to be.

2. Offer baby bottles or pacifiers or nipple shields – the biggest no-no in exclusively breastfeeding your baby for the first 2 months. Bottles lead to nipple confusion, poor suck, and possible nursing strike when it’s time for him to switch to your breast.

Pacifiers offer a false sense of security by psychologically filling in your baby’s need to suck without getting the milk, cause nipple confusion, and lessen milk supply if preferred over the breast. Nipple shields confuse the baby as well and become unnecessary as cracked and sore nipples heal rapidly once treated the right way.

Experiencing problems other than these? What if your breastfeeding with baby is still as rough-sailing as ever?

You CAN breastfeed! The truth is that 98% of all mothers are capable of exclusively breastfeeding their babies if they put enough effort into making it work. Chances are, you belong to the 98%.

Don’t let this simple joy and blessing of motherhood pass you by!

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