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How To Put Up With Terrible Two's
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Anyone with children knows that two is a super tough age. Not only is your child no longer a baby,but they are starting to understand how to to communicate and what no means. Then you have the introducing of the potty chair. They are at a very emotional stage in their little lives. Being adults we know this, but it's not always easy. First the screaming historically, when being told no. Then gracefully throwing themselves on the ground, and rolling across the floor. One of the most annoying for me is the whining. All the different pitches. Last but not least would have to be the head banging against the wall. They think it hurts us, but it really hurts them.

The screaming fits, when in a store really stinks. After having four children, I decided to never walk past the toy or candy isle. If it can't be avoided then I would do it on the way out. Giving your child a toy, and then taking it away, is not only mean but your sending mixed signals. All they really need is a sippy or bottle and maybe some cheerios. However, some times you really do just have to pick your child up and leave.

Time out really is effective. For my children, the age two was too young to understand, at three it worked great. So when my children decided to scream and role around like they were in pain, I just ignored the bad behavior and carried on with what I was doing. If your child gets no reaction from you, then eventually they forget and start doing something else. The same reaction also works for toddlers that bang their heads against the wall. Don't act shocked or freak out. This is the reaction that they want. Trust me, your child is smart enough to know what hurts. We as parents are smart enough to know the difference between a throw a fit cry and a I'm hurt cry.

My least favorite is the whining. My children really didn't do this until they turned three. Once again you need to put them somewhere safe,bedroom, crib, play yard etc... and then walk away. Nothing at this point will make your child happy. When they are finished, throwing a fit then it's time to talk and explain, why they didn't get their way. If after five minutes, your child stops whining go check on them. If you left them in a safe place, I can almost promise you, they are sound asleep.

Another thing I found useful, was the North States Superyard PlayYard. I used this when my children out grew the pack n play. I also purchased the Rainbow Interlocking Foam Wonder Mats. One package was big enough for the eight panel play yard. Originally we used this for a safe play area, but as they got to be about thirty months old, I took all the toys out, and started using it as a time out. It was perfect. Now if my son decided to throw himself down and role around, I know he wouldn't get too hurt, because I had the foam mats under the play yard. This also works good for potty training. Leave one panel open, so they don't feel trapped, and put the Joovy Loo potty chair in the play yard. This way they can read a book or watch television,and when they have accidents, the foam mats are waterproof and wipe clean very easily.

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