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The Importance Of “me Time” When You’re A Mom
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As a mother, do you feel like you have no time to yourself? Or worse, do you feel like you have no right to ask for time out now that you’re a mom?

What most of us fail to realize is that “me time” is a right as well as a necessity. If it seems as if one of these mothers is you, then keep reading. Here are the reasons why setting aside some “me time” not only good for you but for your whole household as well.

Reason # 1: to avoid burnout – Super Woman doesn’t exist in real life. Meeting all the day-to-day demands assigned to us as woman, mother, and wife will be impossible to deal with 24/7 without giving somewhere sooner or later.

You know you’re nearing this when you’re starting to get a bit “cranky.” I’m sure you can relate. Experts say that at 6 hours PER WEEK, or 1 hour a day every 6 days, is the bare minimum you ought to give yourself to keep your sanity intact.

Reason # 2: to remember who you are – a lot of women live it up to the hilt before settling down and having children. Prior to that, they know what they love to do and do what they love.

But once these same women marry and have kids, they lose their time to do these things, forget about that which they use to enjoy, and in a sense forget who they were as an individual.

Six hours per week is all we really need to continue enjoying almost all the things we used to enjoy in life before we had children and remembering who we are as individuals.

Reason # 3: to facilitate independence in your family – no, this doesn’t mean shirking from your responsibilities and abandoning them to fend for themselves all of a sudden. It’s about you being less irritable and being in a better disposition to be able to go about doing what you need to do. Your family will be thankful for this.

Also, whether you admit it or not, your kids, and maybe even your spouse, need to know how to manage things by themselves when you’re not around.

The measly 1 hour a day or 6 hours a week will give them a very teeny bit of “it’s their turn time” to learn how to handle things on their own, without your help.

Reason # 4: to help you become a better mother – the minimum 60 minutes of “me time” to yourself each day doesn’t make you a bad or selfish mother. It’s important not to entertain this thought and feel guilty about it.

Time for yourself is vital to your well-being because a healthy well-being is what makes you a better mother. This allows you to become more loving and patient towards your family, and this keeps you healthy because you are also taking this measure to avoid stress.

So for you and your family’s sake, go ahead and carve out some “me time” starting today.

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