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What To Expect When You Are Expecting?
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What to Expect When You Are Expecting?

I recall 16 years ago, when I had my first baby, that was a great moment and i really cherished it. I really do not know what to expect and how to do things since it was my first. I have read a lot of books to educate me as a new mom on what I should do and how to do it myself. It was so exciting and scary, yes, I may say that, because you do not know a single thing yet.

As the days went by, my belly was starting to bulge and little by little, i was then realizing, am i really ready to bring a child into this world? There were so many questions and that time I could not find any answers yet since I was still overwhelmed. I paused and started to assess if what i have read from the books were being applied properly. What I can say now, books was my guide, but then again, reality bites you face different challenges as you go along. So, i thought of sharing with you something that may really help you or guide you on what to expect when you are expecting.

1. When you are pregnant, your hormones change. Yes, everything changes, your moods, your choice of food, your physical aspect, so expect that. All you have to do is be prepared to face whatever it is that you may experience. The one thing that will also make you feel better is to have a regular check with your OB.

2. Follow what your OB Gyne advises you to do. They know what is best for and the baby. It is also best to habe your regular check up in order to monitor the changes you experience and you can share that to your doctor.

3. Follow a strict diet as advised by your doctor so you will not gain weight easily. It is easier to control rather eat too much and when you gave birth, it is so difficult to bring back your secy figure.

4. Prepare your baby clothes as not to cram. My suggestion is, buy baby stuff that are unisex, so if your ultra sound gets wrong you have no one to blame. Its safer that way, believe me.

5. Watch your weight, take photos of your tummy every month (as a souvenir), i missed to do that :(

6. Prepare baby names so that when you are in the hospital, you would'nt have a hard time thinking of it, just make sure you and your husband agreed on it.

7. Financially, you must be ready too, either for normal delivery or caesarian section, you would'nt know, so better be prepared.

8. Lastly, calm yourself and stay relaxed this will help you give birth easily.

Here are some tips I have shared with you based from my own experience. Be glad that you have your baby and congratulations!

Just remember to be happy so that your baby will also be a HAPPY BABY!

Till my next article.


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