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I realize now that my mom spoiled me to death. Anything I wanted from her I got it. Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t have all the new clothes and shoes or anything. But if I finished my food before she did and I wanted some or all of hers she had no problem giving it to me, or at least she acted like she didn’t. Like my mom I’m a single mom and have found that we are quite different. Wait! I know what your thinking, I’ll do the same for my youngins but I will pout about it (Its all your fault mom). Nevertheless let’s talk about the personal challenges we as single mom’s face, dreams that we have, goals to reach and fears we all may face.

When I became a new mom I was petrified to say the least. All I could think about was “what if I make a mistake and won’t be able to correct it”. Well that was over 6 years ago and now all I can think about is “I have no idea what I’m doing but there has got to be something out there to help me along. Sure we have friends and family but their advice is not always the best (No offense I still love you guys).

Daily I think about what I can do, and certain practices and principles I can instill in my life to help me make some great decisions when it comes to raising my kids. I look at my boys and rack my brain on how I could keep them out of harms way, and what I would do if anything where to happen to them. I want them to be everything God intended them to be whether it be a doctor, actor, singer, teacher or just good standing citizens.  

When you have toddlers to connect with them and stay connected is a challenge My oldest son has some issues with focusing and I find myself getting a bit frustrated, but I have to remember he’s only a little person and he’ll be more focused one day (soon I pray). I don’t want to be too hard on them because I don’t want to mess around and cheat myself out of a good mothers’ day gift. Don’t get me wrong the macaroni necklace’s are nice and the construction paper and sunflower seed decoration mothers day card are equally as nice, but… well I’ll let you all fill in the blanks, because I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing.

Being there for them and making sure that they  handle whatever it is their faced with appropriately is what matters most to me, because they will grow to have those same principles as men.  I’m sure we all agree that a happy child  is one that will need not so much managing.

Setting aside extra time with them to go over daily attainable goals, and ensuring their happy in their environment makes things easier so they wont me much trouble.  Do you think your mother would agree (well would she? Ok ok I’ll leave you alone, for now anyway). And if I’m wrong MOMS SPEAK UP! Sound the alarms in your house in your minivans, at the PTA meetings, on your mom blog! We all face challenges as a single mom, personally I’m raising 2 boys and I fear that I don’t have the tools to raise them to be good men, and if they are good men would they have me to thank in a good or bad way? “HOW TO BE A GOOD MOM” Did anyone succeed at writing this manual?

No one wrote a manual, however there are several interesting books, articles, workshops and etc to help you along your journey of being a good single mom and making a positive impact in your childs’ life. I emphasize on single because statistically there are more of us in this generation than ever before. Just because you’re a single mom doesn’t mean you cant still have  dreams and reach your goals . Dream big, you may be a work-a-holic working all hours of the night and day just to keep the lights on, but don’t loose sight of what is most important to you, which should be your child/children, make time, do what ever is in your power to make them happy. You wont regret it in the end. YOU GO GIRL!!!  

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