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A Daily Motivational Quote For You
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A Daily Motivational Quote for You

It is always nice to start the day with something that will uplift and get the day headed in the right direction. I would like to offer this daily motivational quote to go with your healthy breakfast and that necessary cup of coffee. You reap what you sow.

Immediately you recognized it from the bible but did you recognize the significance of it or did you immediately dismiss it? Although I grew up knowing this verse the meaning of it has never meant much to me until lately. So what does it mean?

Reaping and sowing is a simple concept in the gardening context it means if you sow an apple seed you will reap an apple tree. We nod our heads in understanding and think that's logical please move on. Lets expand that a little and say if we plant one field of corn we will reap one field of corn also logical right?

Lets take the next step and say from our apple seed we will always get apple trees we will never get anything else like say an orange. Then we can say if we plant a field of corn we will always reap one field of corn not two or three just the field we planted.

Now we are ready to apply this principle to our lives and the world around us. Our actions are things we sow into the lives of others and the world as a whole. So if we go back to what we stated as correct earlier then the type of action we sow is what we will reap. So if you walk into your job angry and bitter you will end up getting anger and bitterness back.

Although e know this to be the case we say to ourselves she or he is always so angry when in reality we are simply getting back what we are putting out. Lets not stop there, the majority of us choose not to sow anger on our jobs instead we sow negativity. Negativity in the work place can wear you out long before the actual job does.

How is negativity sown? It finds ground through the words that are said. They sometimes call it water cooler gossip. When time's taken to talk about last night show and what the secretary is wearing. Most of us know that really is just the beginning we talk about how we do not like our jobs and all the things that need changed. We talk about how we will never escape and sometimes the endless years we see in front of us with no real raises.

When the day is over all you want to do is hide in the house because what's the use of trying anything new. When you sow negativity you reap negativity. The good news is you can change that. You can make the deliberate choice to sow positive with your words. You can choose to uplift instead of tear down.

This becomes the really great thing as you sow positive you reap positive. It will change your life your tomorrow will suddenly hold both wonder and possibilities again. Remember this is your daily motivational quote you reap what you sow. Lets sow a wonderful tomorrow.

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