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Adopting A Can Do Attitude To Get Motivated To Try Something New
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Adopting A Can Do Attitude To Get Motivated To Try Something New

Have you noticed how often people are envious of other people’s gifts or accomplishments and yet seem unable to motivate themselves to become similarly gifted or accomplished? They have all sorts of explanations to say why they can’t do something including “ Not intelligent enough...”, Not enough time ...”, “Not enough money ...”, “Not as lucky ...” “ Not confident enough ...” and so on. It doesn’t matter what you say to try and encourage them, they always have a reason (or excuse) for why they can’t do it. Perhaps you recognise some of these statements yourself.

Several years ago, I remember listening to Chris Evert, the former tennis champion and world No. 1 saying that although she had siblings who’d played tennis who she believed showed more natural talent with a tennis racket, she became a champion because she was the one prepared to work the hardest. Similarly, I recently read a short interview with Jennifer Lopez the incredibly talented award-winning singer, actress and now popular judge on American Idol, who said that she always knew growing up, she’d be famous because from a young child she worked harder and longer hours than her friends and refused to give up.

Now it’s easy to think that Evert and Lopez were born with special gifts that led them to excel in their different fields, but the thing that clearly led them to their success is a ‘can do’ attitude. You may not have aspirations to become an award winning sportsman or singer, but adopting a can do attitude can be applied to any aspect of your life and motivate you to have a go and turn some long held dreams into realities.

5 tips for adopting a ‘can do’ attitude

Tip 1 - Quit being envious: Don’t waste time being envious of others. Everyone has talents. Make sure you don’t waste the talents you already have or the opportunity to tap into new ones.

Tip 2 - Give it a go: Don’t say things like “I can’t sing...”, “I can’t draw ...” It’s true that some people find things naturally easier than others – but so what? It doesn’t mean that you can’t become just as good at something. It might just take more practice. If you've alwasy wanted to have a go at something - take the risk and do so.

Tip 3 - Change your mantra: Say “I can” rather than “I can’t”. Negative self- talk is so destructive. Have some self-belief and set yourself up for success by saying “I can” and meaning it.

Tip 4 – Be realistic: Don’t expect too much too soon. When trying something new you might not grasp it immediately or be able to do it brilliantly. It doesn’t matter. Make sure that you’re prepared to persevere.

Tip 5 – Acknowledge your achievements: It’s all too easy to dismiss your own achievements and say “I had a go, but....” (“...I’m not very good...”, “...I could have done better...”). It’s really difficult to be motivated if you’re always trashing what you’ve done. Silence your inner critic and celebrate what you’ve done.

Adopting a can do attitude will help motivate you to have a go at something new. Silence your inner critic, have some self-belief and have a go.

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