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Are You Living The Kind Of Life You Deserve?
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Are You Living The Kind Of Life You Deserve?

There are times when I take a step back and look at the life I have lived so far and ask myself 'Are you really living the life that you deserve?' I know it sounds like a strange question to ask oneself, but it is nonetheless an important question that needs to be asked at one time or another by anybody who wants to know if they are on the right track towards accomplishing their purpose in life. I am a firm believe that as human beings, we were not just placed on this earth to breathe air and simply exist and thus we need to regularly reflect upon our daily lives and evaluate if we are truly living the life we deserve and want for ourselves.

Many people in this world have so much potential yet the same potential is wasted as they settle for an average and comfortable existence by taking the road most traveled. Some people decide to settle and simply exist due to fear, others are coerced into the status quo because of discouragement from parents, peers, co-workers, friends and family. Others feel that they have no choice to change their course in life and as a result comfort themselves into thinking that 'this is the best I can do'.

If you want to acheive anything in life, it is important that you do not choose to be comfortable. Comfort destroys and hinders achievement. Many people miss out on living a great life because they simply choose to settle for 'good enough'. Life gets comfortable and instead of working hard and chasing their dreams, many give up and opt to languish in a comfortable 9-5 cubicle job where health benefits and a steady paycheck take priority over life goals, dreams and pursuing a better life and a life well lived. Complacency sets in and life is lived in a lukewarm state.

What separates the successful winners of life from the mediocre? Choice. It is really that simple. As a human being on this planet you may not think that you are talented or gifted enough, but there is one thing you have, and that is the ability to choose, so your choices no matter how small have a great impact on your life. You can either choose to complain how unfair life is or realize that its within you to change the hands that you were dealt in life. You might not be able to change your past, but you can certainly choose to change your future.

Living the life that you want does not mean you have to quit your job (who knows you may belong to the minority of people that actually love their job!). Living life to the fullest means you refuse to settle for mediocrity and actually LIVE life. Living the life that you deserve means that you refuse to just stand and watch from the sidelines, instead you become a willing participant. Take that snowboarding class you have always wanted to take, plan that trip to Italy (even If your plans fell through years ago), talk to that girl/boy you think is cute but you never had the courage to approach, lose those extra pounds in order to feel and look your best, move to California and try your hand at acting (even though you have a deep phobia of rejection)...Living a fulfilling life means leaving no stone unturned and giving fear a swift and firm slap in the face.

But what if I fail you ask? So what! At least you tried! Trying means you eliminate the chances of regret. In this world, there is no worse feeling than the feeling of regret. Regret means you know you could have done things differently but you did not, and now it's too late to turn back time. There is nothing worse than living a lukewarm life and a life that can only be describe as 'good enough'.

Think that you are not living the life that you want? The only thing standing between you and the life that you want is you. Now let that sink in for a moment and you can choose what to do in order to change your life from here on.

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