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Breaking The Cycle Of Negativity
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Breaking the Cycle Of Negativity

People that are going to choose to walk on the road to Motivation are going to have to do some hard things in their lives. One of the hardest things a person is going to have to do is break all ties with negative people. The Road to motivation blog is a good website to help break the negativity cycle.

Now, we all know plenty of negative people in our lives it could be a husband, wife, or children. I am not advocating divorce or kicking people out on the street. I do think that we must try to be compassionate, caring, and understanding to our loved ones. This is but one aspect of the equation. The other is constructing boundaries in our lives from toxic people that continuously throw up, and spew their toxic negative attitudes, actions, and words on us.

When it comes to family we need to gently, at first, work with them to try and help them through their hurt, and pain. This is what the problem is. They are wounded either from childhood, or as an adult. Most people, I believe, don’t realize they have a problem. I can say that with authority because it took my roommate and some tough love to bring me around to the fact that I had a problem.

Yes, I was one of the toxic people. I was one that was very negative on a daily basis. I would go around spewing my negative garbage on anyone that would listen, and tolerate me.

I had a lot of baggage from childhood that I brought into my adult life with me. The problem is I was unhappy, miserable, and terribly angry with myself, and with life. I just didn’t know how to fix it. I spent 40 some years in this condition.

My roommate confronted me, and informed me that I was a miserable and bitter little man. Now was the time to do something about my situation. Over the last year and half she has been instrumental in my life change.

This is why I advocate a balance between compassion and tough love she has been my shining example. When I get angry and start to rage she simple looks at me and smiles. She will say to me “Are we having a bad day?” “Are we lapsing into the negativity again?”

When she does this simple action, it snaps me back into reality and my angry spells are a lot shorter now than before.

People say I can’t change and that I am too old. This is a flat out lie. People can change and do change every day. You only have to look to Alcoholics Anonymous to see the thousands, and thousands of lives that have been touched and changed by the twelve step program to see it works.

Change starts first and foremost with admitting you have a problem. Go to the mirror in the bathroom and look yourself in the eye and say these words “I am a Negaholic, and I have a big problem.” If you can come to grips with this one aspect, you most definitely can change your life.

You may ask, does this automatically make all things new and perfect? The answer is, no it doesn’t. What it does do for a person is it allows them to begin the journey to change, in their lives, and in the lives of the people around them.

When I started this blog article I advocated breaking the ties with all negative people in your life. If people are willing to change and put forth an effort, we owe them the effort to help them with the change. If on the other hand, if your friends and acquaintances won’t change and have no desire for change then you must cut them off. It is hard and sometimes even painful but for your own positivity and your own journey to change you cannot have those types of individuals in your life.

The take-away message today is a simple message, but not a particularly easy message in our lives. We must begin to help those who want help with the negativity in their lives. The others, in short, must be kicked to the curb. There is a line a popular country song that says I’m going to find a better class of losers. We must go out and essentially find a better class of friends. Ones that are positive motivated, and that love life and know where they are headed.!

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