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Do Not Waste Your Morning
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Morning is the perfect time of day. You are fresh and rested after a good night's sleep, and you do not feel the worries that often come later in the day. Many people waste their morning by sleeping in, however. The dream that they are having is good, and they have to see how it ends, for example. Others are simply enjoying the comfort of their bed so much that they do not want to get up. If either of these scenarios apply to you, consider changing your thinking. Instead of thinking about how you do not want to get up, think about what you want to do and how good you will feel when your tasks are done.

Begin by getting up early. You will likely feel better if you begin your day when others are starting theirs, rather than getting up later in the morning when your friends and family have already had some adventures and have gotten some work done. By getting up early, you can get started earlier on the work that you want to do and have time to do more work before calling it a day.

If you are a blogger, for example, you might write and publish two articles instead of just one. You might even want to push yourself to have an article published by a certain time of the morning. Publishing two articles and giving yourself a personal deadline to have the articles in will help you to reach your earnings goals sooner than you would reach them if you published just one article and took your time submitting it. You can also increase your rank and earnings faster by publishing more articles more often. Publishing is not all that you can accomplish by getting up early, however.

If you are a student, you will have more time to write your papers and read the assigned chapters in your textbook before meeting with your class. By getting started early on the work that you need to do, you will save yourself some unnecessary stress. You will also be prepared for class, which will help you to get a good participation grade.

When your alarm goes off tomorrow morning, do not hit the snooze button. Resist the urge to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. Get up, and get started on your day. Enjoy how good it feels to be up early, make the most of it, and see what you can accomplish.

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