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How To Act Confidently
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How to Act Confidently

Everybody likes to feel confident. It usually makes one feel good about what you are doing. Not only that but people tend to look up to confident people. You'll often find that the people that are unsure about something, look at the confident one to copy what they are doing! However, what happens when you don't feel confident about something, how to go about your actions? I'd like to share my thoughts on how to act confidently, even if you are feeling very insecure.

Why act confidently?

As mentioned, it's in a person's nature to want to be confident about something. Unless you are more of an introvert - and that's also fine because you'll have your own version of confidence. The reason you would want to act confidently (even when you are not) is because confident actions lead to confident feelings. When you don' feel confident but still act confidently, you'll notice that you'll still feel more confident (even though you're not)! So the best reason to act confident is to make yourself feel confident! Strange? Maybe, but it works! Now, I'm not saying that you should speak and act like a rocket scientist when you're a baker! (No offense to bakers, I enjoy my panini's!). What I mean is that there is a difference between acting confident and being arrogant!

How to act confidently

Whenever you attempt a new task and you feel insecure about it, you should have a can-do attitude and then 'pretend' that you're confident! The confident feeling will automatically emerge, by being determined and not worried about your insecurity. We all make mistakes and that is part of life - so even if that happens, it's ok. It's far better that way, than not doing anything! At first, nervous and insecurity may still be lurking around - this is also fine because it's normal! However, confirming and fearing the worst won't help in the slightest!

'Who am I fooling?'

Acting confidently when faced with fearful situations doesn't imply that you aren't being yourself. Confidence is already in you, it just needs to be released and grown! The choice is rather simple but at the same time, it's your choice to make: you can either deny yourself the right to be confident... or choose to act with all the confidence you can muster! It is natural to fear something at first but don't succumb to those temporary feelings of fear and let them rule your actions! The key to overcoming that 'fear' is to take the bull by the horns and face the challenge head-on.

When you act confidently, others will notice that and may even trust your judgements over their own. Just remember that you have the potential to do achieve anything and you possess the skills needed to succeed! Acting confidently is a simple choice and daily affirmations are a great way to build that confidence. Here are some affirmations that may help you act confidently (tell yourself this when are feeling insecure, to reinforce the belief of confidence - and say it like you mean it!):




I hope this has helped you to act confidently, when you feel insecure. What other tactics or strategies do you use when you need to act confidently? Or do you rather sit by the wayside and watch others take the walk of confidence?

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