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How To Overcome Procrastination
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How to Overcome Procrastination

The fact is passionate people are always those who succeed going beyond mediocrity.

They love what they’re doing and keep working on. They never get bored and they rarely face self-motivation problems or have to think on how to overcome procrastination.

Procrastination and lack of clarity and relevance go hand in hand.

We put off to do our tasks when either we don’t have a clear goal, or we try to follow a goal that doesn’t relate to us – something other people would like us to accomplish or something we believe we should do but we don’t feel like we really want to.

Most people think that they should get started on something new in their lives, they even plan for the new things, but unconsciously they avoid actually doing what they wanted to.

And then, they search magic formulas to help them overcome procrastination.

In the first situation – when our goals are not clear -, procrastination comes as a reaction against the perceived lack of significance of the tasks we have to do.

We cannot get a satisfactory answer to the question: ‘what is in it for me?’

Let’s take an example: we know that it would be good for us to learn German.

We saw some of our friends are doing it with the intention to find a better paid job in the future. We decide to do the same, but, as long as we don’t intend very clearly to change our job, learning German has no clear purpose for us.

If conversely, we find a good job in Germany and we have to go there in 6 months’ time, we will start learning without any delay.

In the second situation – when we’re trying to pursue a goal that we don’t really believe in -, procrastination is an inner unconscious uprising against something we deeply consider not valuable for us.

For instance, let’s say we’re working in a dead end job. We know that it is, for the moment, our single income source and, despite we hate it, we are afraid not to lose it.

We realize that we have to work more and set ourselves some targets on doing all the tasks faster and better to preserve the job as bad as it might be.

But, instead of working more, we find ourselves talking with our colleagues and loosing time with unimportant things.

Conversely, if we like very much our job, to put in more working hours and come up with new ideas won’t be a problem for us.

So, trying to overcome procrastination without addressing its roots, is nothing else than a waste of time. It seems there is no other magic formula to entice us to do what we have planned to than passion.

Addressing the roots of procrastination means to understand that we really can change things in our lives. There are no things we are compelled to do no matter what.

As human beings, we have the possibility to choose and go for what is really important to us.

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