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How To Overcome The Mess In Your House Like A True London Resident
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How To Overcome The Mess In Your House Like A True London Resident

I bet you hate to clean as much as I do, isn't it? I have the feeling, the person who reads these lines of words, also hates to clean. Along with that, how often you have said to yourself "I'll leave that for later" or " or "I'll pick that up after just a bit of..". After turning back from work to your home on Friday, you shall see scattered clothes, dishes in the sink, washing machine to run and much more, a home that leaves you with the choice to clean it or to go out for the night. The next day comes usually with a hang over and a messy house. Finally you end-up cleaning everything all Sunday long, loosing the one day-off from the week.

Don't repeat my mistakes !!

Starting your last day of the week will be mostly taken by your cleaning chores and other errands as well, and that my friend sucks-a** totally. After beginning with the washing and cleaning and tiding, you must not stop until the end. Otherwise leaving half of it for example, would give you further burden on the next weekend having messier environment to handle.

Many would say that the planing and organizing before cleaning is important, well maybe that's true from their perspective. If you think that I hadn't troubles and loosing my nerves on such situations, you're wrong.

One day after getting from work home, with the very entering in my apartment, without even change my clothes, I started a heavy burst and fast cleaning, and I mean really deep cleaning. Under beds, chairs, moving soft upholstered furnishings, removing books from shelves, all the small things like family photos, statues, magazines … After getting everything wiped and striped out, a bucket filled with warm water is all you shall need along with a good dust-collectible cloth and for additional help, paper towel is good for final wiping strokes.

Having a spare unused room is a knife with two blades, knowing that it may come to be in use one day, often you are neglecting that part of the apartment. In just few months this room is so full of dust that you could make dust balls with hands. Not to mention, how my whole desk and chair was conquered by domestic spiders with their incredible spider webs. Anyway, if you have something in common with this, you could run along with the flow and take care of that room too, but I have decided that day, to leave the room alone on its course. The choice is up to you.

After I had wiped all the dust from every possible surface in my living room, and I had to removed all the chairs and stools, along with few moves of the couch, in order to get the carpeting vacuumed in every corner. Actually, on this one I really had some kind of fun, it is because I own a cool looking and quite powerful vacuum cleaner, and to see all the leftovers, grime and food particles how are sucked out gives you some kind of joy.

Putting on the additional brush of the end attachment for rugs and carpets, enhance your cleaning capabilities. Some suggest, while you are with the hoover to put some music on, but really how does make you feel along with the constant humming from the vacuum machine, it is just too much noise.

And finally folding clothes doesn't take you more than 10 minutes, along with the placing in the wardrobe. What is left, is to run a cycle with your dirty clothes in the washing machine, and while that is happening to do the nasty greasy dirty dishes.

Well, as for this end run of the cleaning chores, this I hate the most. Those without dish-washers will understand what I am talking about. Doing things right and right now, could save you a lot of time. The only thing that you really need is a little determination.

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