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How To Stay Focused
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How to Stay Focused

Chances are that if your reading this little article I wrote your probably just like me. It’s ok though, because you’re human, we all are human. Being focused and motivated isn’t nearly as easy as saying forget this Shit! I’m about to hop on this call a duty and then do it. Everybody has these problems I’m currently in enrolled in college an I’m taking online classes and the first couple of months seem pretty good after a while, you already know. Even to make it a little more worse I’m 25 years old I’ve been married for about two years and to make a long story short this girl up and wants a divorce. She just had to hit me with the D bomb so I just new in my mind I was done with school and I felt like I just didn’t care about anything.

I took a second to think look deep into myself their had been times in my life where I felt unstoppable and I know a lot people have my same feelings. So how to get motivated and stay focused isn’t a big mystery but it isn’t easy for most.

Here is what I do to share a bit more about myself I am striving to find my way as being a Music Producer and that is what I am going to school for and that is what I will accomplish. What helps me is being organized setting time for making music this day, studying at this hour and having all those things working around a good 30 or 40 hour work week. So getting yourself motivated and staying motivated is the only way.

So the first thing is one, put in your mind you can do it and you know why, it’s because you can do it. You have to from jump, acquire some heavy motivation deep down from your gut. Second set a reach able goal and you know what its 2012 what’s not reachable anymore. Third set a schedule, take a moment and really make a well thought of schedule that you know you will follow don’t make one that is crazy like your going to wake up at 5:30 am and read this or jog there and basically insane that know one with a life will ever do. Honestly what’s really important that might surprise you is make sure always you have adequate time set out for free time because it is, very healthy to wine down.

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