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Innovative Self-motivation
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Innovative Self-motivation

This is about innovative self-motivation. My name is Nile and my next six months is to be devoted to mastering the principles and techniques of self motivated individuals'. At this very moment I should write about anger because it sure as hell doesn't take much to create that emotion in me. "At the very moment It's the Middle East and Indians(From India) Honestly not all of them just the stereotype. The fact, is the anger is self-imposed and most likely a mirror of what I hate most in myself. In this case there is no motivation derived from anger. Fortunately these self-destructive emotions will be eliminated.

Why am I angry and not motivated? # ONE: I'm lazy and it's easier to let my face contort and change deep red. #TWO: It makes me feel something similar to power. (That's twisted and ironically is not what I exude in this frame of mind) Power that is... No, I usually just look like the local, mental asshole. Honestly I could go on for to long about anger; don't worry if your interested one day you can read my book.

What's important, is I'm going to change my inner motivation with innovation. Trust me it's going to take some new Hi Tech gadget to transform this slow,warped mind of mine. Maybe not even a new technology will work This body is going to need a spiritual awakening.

Really, what the heck am I to do? Fortunately there are some answers. There's more than just answers there's Action, Mind-Set, Mastery!

Mastery? That seems long and hard. Of course that's all relative to your personal experience. Regardless, Mastery of the motivational mind is going to be difficult if not next to impossible. Personally I like to get up around 12:00 noon. That's the God's honest Truth. After years of habitual sleeping in; and having to work.. "A regular job" (Obviously second shift); this leaves you very little room for practicing life motivation skills. (Purpose Driven Life motivation)

Alright let's get real as they say. I need massive reorganization skills. Starting with what time to wake up. Before we start spouting off a bunch of goals for tomorrow morning let me focus on a formula.

I'm competitive (In sports) and should use this emotion to challenge my self to a new improved Nile. Yes, a "90 Day Challenge"! Just like the reality T.V. show Biggest Loser... except my goals will be more than losing weight. (Actually I will want to gain 15 lbs of muscle) No, this will be about losing my negative self-image from the inside out and replacing it with Joy, Love and Self Confidence. Look, I've read enough self-help books to fix Charlie Sheen (sure he has too.) but the problem is discerning, applying and acting on the information. One principle that definitely works is C.A.N.I.; innovated by my favorite Guru Anthony Robbins. C.A.N.I. Constant And Never-ending Improvement. So Day one I'll start small and simple but each day will be consistently more challenging.

This sounds great so far but what constant improvements will I make each day and to what end? Even more importantly who's going to hold me accountable? If it's a challenge who am I going to beat? Oh yes, that's right, Myself! Ok but still there has to be a way for me to chronicle each day and the outcomes of my choices throughout each day. I want to share this with the world! My life transformation begins 08/22/2011... Stay tuned for "Motivation is in the Details."

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