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Is Recession A Reality?
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Is Recession A Reality?

Please do not yell! of course its reality your money has gone down while the work you do has gotten harder and what is a raise. Your job but the freeze on them a year or two ago so yes your nodding its a reality. First things I understand where your coming from. I have learned to do less because I have less and even came to the point where I understood that just because you work hard does not mean you will be paid what your worth. You may have even heard me talk about that sinking feeling in your stomach when you can not offer your family what they need.

Having said that is any one making money? I was interested in the number of millionaires that have come to be in the middle of recession. I read several reports that say they have decreased in the US and I read other reports that say we have added 1.1 million millionaires since Obama was elected in 2008. What it comes down to is people are still making money and they are making lots of it. So if others are exceling in this climate we call recession then why not you or me or any of the hundred of thousands we come into contact with?

There is a distinct possibility it maybe due in large part to our mindset. Honestly answer this question - write the answer on paper if you can. When was the last time you honestly thought I can be successful? Not as a fleeting thought but as something you felt deep inside or heart or your spirit? Congratulations if you can honestly say this week. You get to go on to the next question. When was the last time you did something to work on your desire? First step you need that desire or dream but second step you have to work on it, walk towards it.

For a long time I ran on the wheel of imagined recession I talked to my friends and we complained about our lack of money. We complained about the lack of chances for people who had no money. You name it we complained about it. Until one day I had this radical revelation which came in a book I was reading. Every thing that has happened in your life is 100% your responsibility.

Now before you yell at me I have had some bad things happen. I wouldn't wish some of what I went through on my worst enemy but having said that I choose to own my life. Make it my responsibility. Suddenly the recession real or imagined made no difference my perceived lack of opportunities did not matter. If there was a door to be opened I would have to open it.

I encourage you to put aside any negativity you are carrying. To file the recession away under the X-files (unexplained mysteries). Then take out your pen and paper and refine your dreams and makes the first step toward accomplishing what you already knew you could do. Remember a voyage starts with the first step.

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