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Is Success On Your Bucket List?
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Is Success on Your Bucket List?

A lot of people are making a list and checking twice and its all about what they want to do before they die. I want to go to London and France or I need to hit the falls or see the Grand Canyon. Maybe you just want to swim with dolphins or get up close and personal with the coral reef. What ever it is you desire to make it come true. But is success part of the plan? Why should it be part of the plan?

Their needs to be a balance in our desires. If you see every great sight there is to see and you die with out somehow making this world a better place, leaving your mark in some small way was your life worth it? I can't answer that question only you can, but I can appeal to the part of you that grew up wanting to change the world. The part that was so sure that you could make it all better if only you had a chance. Ok then why success why not just feed the homeless? Well what are you going to feed them with? With success comes the ability to do something that you can not presently do to a large degree, you can help some one. Actually you can help lots of some ones.

The first some one you can help is you. Once you have helped yourself then you can help your family. Now your extended family is excited because you can help them before long you are looking outward and you can help others. You still get to see London and France and where ever you heart and your desires takes you but now you have the resources to help others along the way. You can sow the seed of change.

We the people could actually start a revolution simply by adding success to our bucket list. We could shrug of the mantle of mediocrity and embrace change in our lives. We could live just a little and take small risks that will bring big rewards. Isn't that what your bucket list is all about. Doing the things you dreamed of but in reality did not have the courage to really do?

Take some time and give it some thought. What would success mean to you and your family. Is it something you want in your life but for what ever reason you have been slapped down sweetly by those who know you? Then do something small grab a book I have several I can recommend or talk to your most motivated friend. In all honestly what good is a bucket list if you can not afford to do what you are dreaming of?

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