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My Good Job Sucks
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My Good Job Sucks

What are you going to do when you grow up. You were asked that with more frequency as you grew up till you finally started settling on thing. A doctor some said a lawyer or accountant others may have said. No matter what you said we all had one common thought, our job would be a good job. Now our good job sucks.

Why is this you may wonder. Sometimes we work the job we thought we should be working and not the one we really wanted to be working. When I was eighteen I wanted to be an author I dreamed I would write great science fiction novels. My father who loved me dearly said no dear you can not make money writing you have to go to college for something else.

Being obedient I did as I was told and put that dream behind me. Many times I have taken out both pen and pad but could never finish anything even though when I was in college I was told I would make a great writer.

Your job may be a perfectly great job for someone, just not for you. Take the time to evaluate what you would rather be doing and where you want to end up in this life. Then you can see if your on the right or wrong track. Be careful of the pit falls inherent in the evaluation.

Your not happy in the job but it brings in the income you want. This can give you the illusion of happiness. Serena you may say you of all people know money matters! Your right I do but so does happiness and well being and peace of mind. Also if you have figured out how to make money then you will figure it out again no matter what you choose.

Maybe your job is not high powered maybe you just fell or stumbled into it. At the time you were grateful and you even liked it. That time has come and gone and now you just feel stuck. Where can you go to make as much as you do today you wonder?

So you settle for what you have simply because you have no hope of anything better. Its time for you to do an honest assessment of where you are at also. The days and the years will not stop for us to catch up so we have to start where we are and go from here. Once you know what you want then its time to decide how to get it.

You may decide to go back to school. You may decide to change jobs so you can work in the place you want to and work your way up the ladder. You may decide to start your own business with the thought of doing it full time one day. No matter what you decide to do the important part is to decide. Life is to short to work at a job for the rest of your life that sucks. Needless to say get a source of reliable income before you leave the source you have.

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Nice article, understand the feeling exactly, my last job sucks too!

  about 9 years ago
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