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No One Make Makes 29 Million A Year Right?
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No One Make Makes 29 Million A Year Right?

I caught a recent article online called 5 companies that owe workers a raise. I was intrigued enough to stop and read it. Now I wish I could tell you I read it all the way through but I didn't. The first thing I saw caught and kept my attention it was what the CEO of each company made. I found myself looking at each company to find out what the man in charge made. The CEO of Comcast made the most out of all 5 companies. He made 29.1 million. Yep that's what I said.

Are you sitting there in amazement or are you pissed off? I was amazed that someone actually made that kind of money who was not an entrepreneur. Fortunately I was given the chance to see it from another view. My co-worker was pissed off.

Not because he made a lot but because he made millions a year when she and I are struggling to pay our Comcast bill. Comcast seems to have a monopoly on the industry and of course many people bundle their services to bring down their already high bill. Having said that it has just been proven that millions can be made at what is considered for the most part a traditional job.

For my life and maybe yours the next question was simply what now? Does this really mean anything to me and why should I care? Well I guess that depends on you are, what your motivation is and what you want out of life. Being the first to accomplish something at times is considered hard but once you know it's achievable the sky suddenly becomes the limit. So if he can do it then you and I can do it. Right? But how, what's the first step to getting it done?

Every first step starts with a dream. This is something that you have to dream for yourself. My dream will not motivate you and your best friends dream will not work for you. You have to know exactly where you want to go in order to get there. If I decide to walk up my street with no real direction in mind I could end up anywhere in the city. But the minute I set a goal my direction is set and no matter what comes my way I will make my moves with my goal in mind. So at the end of the day the real question is do you know where your going?

You've just done a quick inventory and spotted your dream or made one up for the sake of this article but what will you do with it now. Write it down! It is very important to write your dream down. The minute you put it on paper it becomes achievable something inside you suddenly goes I can do that. Writing it down isn't enough though you have to speak it out loud. Why out loud? Because we believe what we see, hear, touch and feel. When your ears hear your voice saying what's going to happen, when your feelings get involved and your brain backs you up, suddenly what you once thought was impossible becomes possible.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish. That is proven every day in your life and in the lives of those around you. What's crucial is to remember that what you achieve is what you dream about. What you dream about is what will become your overwhelming passion. What ever you want to accomplish remember to write it down. Remember to enforce the positive motivation in your life by repeating it daily. Say it when you wake up as a way to get your day started and say it before bed as an affirmation. Just by doing step one you will see both your motivation and your desire for life increase.

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