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Old Man River
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Old Man River

It all started with a phone call.

I was all set---make that past set--- as I had already begun most of the preparations---to send off 64,000 of possibly the worst chickens I have ever raised to become chicken nuggets, boneless chicken breasts or chicken wings. When you raise chickens there is a time for everything. You get them at a few hours old. Keep them for (in my case) 39 days and then it’s off to the market they go.

The night you sell there is an even stricter time table—you have to know the time to take them off of their feed, the time to raise the feed lines and the time the catchers will show up to take them to the plant.

And with one phone call all of those times changed. Time had just changed.

Or had it?

Most of us have some sort of “Time Clock” that we must live by. What time do we get up? What time are we supposed to be at work? What time do we get to go home? What time to go to lunch? What time to be back from lunch? What time is Church? What time does the bus come? What time is the Parent Teacher meeting…Time…..Time……. Time.

And then the phone rings.

And we are foolish enough to think that Time has changed.


Circumstances change, things change, People change, but Time, Time keeps moving on at the same constant, consistent and certain flow.

Time is like a river----it just keeps flowing by.

Have you ever noticed how caught up we are with time? As far back as history goes, Man has tried to harness, change or tell the Time. Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Mayans and an endless list of other civilizations have all tried to master Time.

But Time just keeps flowing by.

Science Fiction loves Time. H G. Well’s book The Time Machine—and the twenty or so movies about it that followed. Star Trek: The Voyage Home---head straight for the sun at warp whatever and at the last minute sling-shot around the sun and your back in time. Back to the Future Parts One, Two and Three (loved those movies). TV shows, more movies, books, plays, you name it. Man is simply fascinated by Time.

But Time just keeps flowing by.

And all so often we stand at the edge of The Old Man River Time and watch. Just watch.

In case you haven’t noticed things change….

But Time keeps flowing by.

Whether it’s politics, the economy, our jobs, our lives, our friends, or our Church---you name it---things change.

I love the song by Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin'. Some of you can even hear that raspy voice of his in your head…. “For the times they are a-changin” and while I do love this song and it does call to me…. but Time isn't a-changin. Circumstances are. The world is. We are.

But Time just keeps flowing by.

So we can stand by and watch. Or we can try to make a difference---not to Time---but to politics, the economy, our jobs, our lives, our friends, or our Church. We could stop just watching and make the time that we have count…..or not.

But Time just keeps flowing by.

Time keeps moving on at the same constant, consistent and certain flow. But for us, We have only a limited amount of it. At some point whether We are active and involved or whether We are standing there just watching time go by---Our Time………Ends.

Well my phone is ringing. No doubt they are going to change the date or the time that my next batch of little baby chicks are arriving. No doubt time is changing again………..

Or is It?

Out of time for now.

Pray for me. I’ll Pray for you.


Just in time.

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