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Quiet Desperation
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Quiet Desperation

Tired of one more article telling you how to be motivated? Good because this is not what this is about. I want to address the quiet desperation that you are now living your life with. Quiet? Yes you are not running out to tell your friends how you feel for fear they will laugh or ask why. I always thought you had it together you think they will say, of course they will never admit the quiet desperation they too feel. Today you will face the fear eating away at you the all consuming thought of is this all there is?

College is over and you had fun or maybe you skipped college and went right to work either way there you sit at a key board working your fingers furiously or maybe you ended up in a job of serving others. Every day you get up and drag yourself to work with a false smile all the while wondering if your the only person not doing what you want to do.

So what's to be done about your quiet desperation. Shaking your head your head you think nothing that's the way it has always been in your family. Then it's time to break that mode. Its time to make a new plan and start a new legacy. This is where you change your definition of what works and who you are.

You already know how to live in quiet desperation and you already know how to keep moving even when there is no hope for a better future involved. This means all you have to do is change your outlook. Sounds simple? Good lets give it a try.

Spend sometime thinking if you could do anything what would it be. Try these hints to get you started. What did you want to do as a child. That's always a good place to start because there were no limits to your imagination then. Don't stop there when your were in high school what did you like doing the most even if you told your friends you hated that subject to save face.

Now you not only have some good memories but you have a starting point. The good thing about this is that a starting point does not care how old you are, you could be twenty something or fifty something or older you just need a place to start. Now lets start reshaping your future, lets do it quietly at first no sense making your friends jealous or your family nervous.

This may mean looking into going to college or scouting out a new job. It may mean leaving the family business or telling your family their plan for your life is not your plan. What ever it means to someone else to you its about taking charge of your life.

Now you have a path whatever it is and now the fun part every time your negative thoughts start to play their song you get to replace them with your new motivation your new path in life. The more you interrupt that negative stream and replace it with the positive one the more motivated you will become.

Yes motivated you will want to see your alternate future come to past you will desire it more than serving one more burger or hitting one more key on the keyboard of a job that makes you want to simply scream. Soon you will find that motivation almost demands action and before long you will be walking along the bright yet sometimes scary path of creating the life you want.

The difference in the two lives are simple yet magnificent. In the first life you were living it for someone else in the second you choose to live it for yourself. That's what motivation does it frees you to be yourself.

Street Talk

This relates a lot to me. I gave up on a $20k college fund in pursuit on my IM dreams. My dad won`t let me touch it unless it`s a part of his design... Scared that any other way of life exists.

  about 9 years ago
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