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When we are born no one knows who or what they are going to be. There isn’t a special informant who walks around to every hospital to tell newborns their futures. Last time I checked we all are put on this earth as the same form a baby. From a young age we are brought up to someday be able to take care of a family of our own and have our own life.

I believe that there are heroes in all of us. As a primal instincts heroes come out to protect or regain something they have lost. I believe that every human being activates this part of themselves from time to time. I know what you’re thinking? A hero is a man in a cape who can fly from building to building. On t.v. a hero can be anything he wants to be. In the realistic world heroes can come in many shapes and sizes.

I believe that in a recession many heroes are born. Whether the hero is a family man or a wealthy business man they have the ability to become some ones hero. As humans we are programmed to help others in need even if we want to or not. Now that were in a recession I have viewed many heroes. They are not like the heroes that one would imagine.

The heroes that I have seen are neighbors or people walking in the street. I have seen complete strangers pull together for a cause to raise money for others in need. I have seen strangers on the news helping others that they don’t even know or have ever met.

A recession can bring the best out in people because it’s the time they realize how alone they are. I believe during a recession ordinary people become heroes because they realize now more than ever that they need to work together to better are economy. A world has never worked when one person is doing all the work. It takes not only hard work and dedication but someone who is willing to go above and beyond their own ability after all that is what a real hero is.

So the next time you find yourself in a rut and your neighbor helps you remember he didn’t have to do that he could have ignored your call for help and just went on with his day instead he chose to be your hero. The next time you need a friend and one shows up show them gratitude for what they have done are alone or cornered. That is when the real heroes come out of all of us because as humans are greatest fear is not only loneliness but the fear of not being helped or taken care of.after all you want them to know you’re appreciative of what they have done.

In a recession one does not know what to expect or who to trust. Everyday people get together to become some ones hero. Whether their intention is to or not. Remember in a recession when every buddy realizes theyare alone or cornered. That is when the real heroes come out of all of us because as humans are greatest fear is not only loneliness but the fear of not being helped or taken care of.

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