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So You Want To Be Rich
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So You Want to Be Rich

Everybody has a dream something they desire more than anything. Now a few people desire abundant wealth but not as many as you think. Well most people say they desire it but as I have learned to ask the right questions I found out that was not true. There is a high percentage of people who simply want to be well off. They want enough money to pat their bills and go on vacation. For those of you who want to be rich we will discuss some barriers you must over come.

Have you learned to be content? When this concept was first introduced to me I actually felt like pulling out my hair it was so frustrating. What does being content have to do with gaining riches? Now so you know what I mean when I say being rich I am speaking of a bank account with enough millions to buy a million dollar home in cash.

So I put the idea of content away and again started walking towards my dream of financial freedom. Then contentment reared its head again. So I again stopped in frustration and wondered what does this mean. Then I had a talk with a co-worker who said that you can't be happy with out money.

Immediately I shot that idea down. Money did lots of things yes and it made life easier but people were happy everyday and most if them had no money. We discussed this loudly for a few minutes then she mentioned bills and I responded that's not the same as happiness that's why the bible says to be content. Oh my I screamed I get it, I understand!

Learning to be content in all things was never meant to be what I originally thought. It was never to be the thing that held you back that made you say it's ok that I am poor or abused. You were never meant to wallow in your situation good or bad. So what is contentment?It's an acknowledgement of where you are. Nothing more nothing less an acknowledgement rather than a fight. If your lost in a dark cave you have to possibilities' you can acknowledge where you are and look for a way out. The second is you can fight this may entail you denying where you are what you did to get there. Maybe you fight with the tour guide who lead you that way

What ever you choose you forget to choose contentment. The simple idea of saying this is where I am I am content that this is where I am for now, ok how do I get out of here. If you're looking for the reference it's in Philippians 4: 11-13.

Content is for every phase of life if you think this is wrong look at the rich who die from drug over doses and much more and say to yourself they have not learned to be content. In order to be rich you must face the barriers that crop up along the way. Those barriers will be both internal and external. Learning to deal with contentment is a huge internal barrier. Stay tuned for the next installment of the so you want to get rich series

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Eugene I checked out your quit smoking website and its good. I hope you get a lot of hots and people all over the world let you help them quit smoking. As far as financial freedom i think you are so determined you will make it sooner than you think. Unless like me you think it should happen right now! :)

  about 7 years ago

I am trying very hard ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Serena !

  about 7 years ago
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