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Subconscious Sabotoge
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Subconscious Sabotoge

There is nothing that really compares to the high you when you know everything is going to go your way. It could be a job your about to interview for or the date you've been dreaming of. All you know is that nothing can go wrong you have prepared for this one moment for weeks in some cases maybe months or even years. Then out of the blue something happens, someone or something tripped you up and you made a mistake. Chances are good that your subconscious sabotaged you.

Sighing you leave wondering why you thought this time would be different. It always happens to me you reaffirm in a way that states and it will always happen to you. Then you walk down memory lane remembering all the other things that happened to steal away your future. Maybe its time to give up you think.

Although giving up always seems like a good answer for a split second in the end living a life with no purpose is no fun. Instead of throwing in the towel now is the time to figure out what is happening. You knew exactly what you wanted to do and how you wanted to say it. So what happened?

Inside of you lives a program that we call our subconscious mind. Our brains contain our subconscious and conscious minds, with the subconscious mind taking up the most space. Only thing is we have no idea what's in the subconscious mind.

How can you not know what's a deep part of you? Because you can not access it. You know exactly what your conscious mind is thinking but have no idea what your subconscious mind is thinking or plotting. For a moment allow yourself to go with this thought. The next logical question is why would your subconscious mind want to sabotage you?

The answer of course is that it does not want to. Your mind conscious or subconscious does not want to do you any harm. Remember that you have no idea what is in the subconscious so what if your subconscious is trying to protect you?

Dr. Bruce Lipton says the subconscious was programmed within the first six to seven years of life. What that means is that you did not do the programming. Your parents, grand parents and any other adult you looked up to and spent time with programmed you.

So what's inside of your subconscious mind? Maybe things that are hindering or sabotaging you from succeeding. Recently before I heard of Dr. Lipton or his work I had what I thought at the time was an amazing discovery. As I grew and matured I realized that my father had programmed me to succeed.

I began to think of him differently and re-evaluate his actions as I grew up. But I was only just now beginning to realize that. At times my programming was at odds with my actions and I would wonder why I did or said something. Although what I did or said was what was needed for the situation.

Check your thoughts are they positive or negative. I have noticed that many people speak negatively of any situation and never realize they are doing it. That's their programming kicking in we also call it a habit. Do you know someone who is sweet and loving when they are consciously thinking about it but if they are busy they become evil? That's their programming kicking in.

So when you somehow mess up after hours, days or longer in preparation could it simply be that you have been programmed to believe something as simple as success is not for you?

Do not despair anything that was programmed, has the potential to be reprogrammed.

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