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Success Secrets Of Motivation - Harness Your Positive Power For Higher Achievement And Team Building
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Knowing the secrets of motivation goes beyond the wisdom of how to be successful in your job – it is a priceless key to how to succeed at LIFE!

As you feel more motivated, or boost your morale, you fall more deeply in love your life!

Morale, motivation, love and happiness go together.

To experience greater success really means to more totally enjoy your life, does it not?

Therefore, to experience more joy, love and success in life, learn how to feed your motivation for success.

There are many ways to get motivated and to stay motivated for the positive drive, enthusiasm and inspiration that will help you to succeed. Here are six motivational action-steps:

1. Envision yourself succeeding

2. Break the habit of worry

3. Let go of personal grudges

4. When you feel fatigued, get the rest you need

5. Remain committed to taking action for what you want to accomplish in life

6. Practice feeling like a success now

When you envision yourself succeeding, you employing the power of positive thinking to lift your spirits.

Breaking the habit of worry is crucial for motivation. The more you worry, the more you lose motivation.

Worry is a form of NEGATIVE thinking that drains drive, lowers morale and blocks determination: 3 essential aspects of your power to succeed.

Using the power of positive thinking is important, but you need to wean yourself off of the habit of NEGATIVE thinking, or you negate the positive power of your positive thoughts.

If you lack motivation, go on a mental diet of resisting the temptation to worry about anything. As you worry less, you will accomplish more, and you will accomplish it in a more highly motivated state of joy.

Personal grudges, like worry, also sap motivation. When you hold onto resentment, and nurse it with criticalness and complaining, you DE-motivate yourself. Your negative speech will also DE-motivate others who are on the listening end.

Can you imagine a professional motivational speaker standing up before an audience doing nothing but complaining about people and situations?

That professional motivational speaker would very quickly be out of a job!

And so would anyone else who habitually speaks too much about what he or she finds wrong. This is because how you speak impacts team building.

To be as successful as you can be, you need to work within a team.

Relationships are key to accomplishment.

You can achieve more WITH people than without people.

But to forge a positive, supportive, high-performing team, you need to be a motivational influence upon that team.

All it takes is one disgruntled team member to speak negatively to another team member for the energy, enthusiasm, morale and performance of the whole team to begin to decline.

Another secret to motivation is getting the rest you need. When we feel fatigued we become like magnets to negativity. Fatigue is a sign that you need to recharge your batteries.

Working without motivation is drudgery. Low spirits make living and working dissatisfying and unfulfilling. Achieving goals through brute perspiration without inspiration feels meaningless. Remember that a high level of motivation and real success go together.

To consistently enjoy a high level of motivational power, remain committed through the ups and downs. Be psychologically prepared to persevere no matter how long it takes. The moment you give up on a dream, if you don’t replace it with a new one that feels even more inspiring, you lose motivation.

And the final success secret of motivation that we will cover here is the practice of feeling like a success now.

You don’t have to wait to accomplish more in life. Feeling like a success now helps you to stay clear of desperation and discouragement. It attunes you to successful solutions and attracts more successful people.

Don’t worry that feeling like a success now will rob you of the motivation to do what it takes to achieve your goals.

On the contrary, it will help you stay tuned in to what you need to do, and shore up the self-confidence you need to enjoy your life and motivated enough to succeed at higher levels.

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