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The Joy In The Climb
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The Joy In the Climb

The door slams one more time and you sigh. She's mad but you did the right thing as a parent there are times you have to say no. So once again things are going wrong and your standing at the helm all alone. Many times we forget the joy is in the climb.

Its not just our children who frustrate us and leave us feeling alone and lonely. Your colleagues can leave you like this your spouse and even your friends. When this happens you see two things, first you notice how the person reacts. We are good at reading people unfortunately many times we are wrong. The look on their face or the way they hold their shoulders is enough to make you think they are happy or sad or mad.

So you are interrupting what they are thinking. Now you are responding to what you are thinking. You have decided they are mad and now your upset and mad and probably feeling like you are the one who was misused. So what happened?

You jumped to a conclusion. See your child started a climb and she didn't like it. Your spouse your friends and even your colleagues have started a climb but something even more important has happened you have started the climb. Why is this climb important?

What you are facing now is what gives you the strength to take that next step. Children do not raise themselves and your colleagues like the rest of us need to know what boundaries are. And you the person who set this ball rolling has to be able to realize that you are making a contribution that you are even teaching.

Instead of being worked up and giving yourself a mini ulcer sit back and watch things unfold first. Watch your child or children learn new things, watch them as they take what you say and come to a new realization. Watch your colleagues figure things out on their own like you always knew they could. When you stop taking responsibility for every one then you can enjoy your own climb your own advancement to the top.

Life is a climb and that's where the joy lays in conquering new ground and growing as an individual. Look around you those who succeed are taking a stand and holding their ground without tearing others down. They have a purpose and are willing to make that up hill climb to meet there dreams.

Don't forget you also have a dream.

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