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The Road Ahead
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The Road Ahead

Welcome to 2013. We spoke about it in great detail last year and today we are faced with the encountering another new year in the almanac of our lives on planet Earth. On reflection when you look back at events in 2012 how did you fare? Did you gain mastery over your goals, short, medium or long term? Did your New Year’s Resolutions fizzle away like previous years?

Our prime objective must be to ensure that 2013 stands as a pinnacle of change along the rainbow of our events since we were born. I am 53 years of age and as each year that has passed me I conjured up a pinnacle of events. On these pinnacles are the inscriptions of my actions each year. Some maybe good whilst others maybe bad. I call it a pinnacle of events because my actions are like inscriptions on a mountain range. Each mountain constitutes an inscription of my worldly events for every year of my life on planet Earth. I must aim fr that mountain to be covered in good and worthy deeds.

Depending on your age you too have incurred pinnacles of inscriptions whereupon all your actions are recorded into the almanac of historical events. Close your eyes for a moment and gently move back over the years and see how well you really did. You must remember that ALL your actions lead to concrete and tangible results. The pavement in front of you could be a result of your actions. The two trees behind you could be the result of your actions. The certificate on the wall could be the gallant result of your actions.

How about panning the pinnacles that you created that hold bitter memories? How about the year where you took ill? What about the year you experienced serious financial setbacks? Did you recall the year that you had a relationship problem? All these events in your life have been recorded. However we tend to forget some of them because we are often too engrossed in current events. We soon forget the burglary that happened to us or the road rage we experienced earlier in 2012.

2013 has to be a change for you and as your change is recorded it actually has a great impact on the lives of others. If you do well this year you also unconsciously or consciously help others to do well too. You set off an aura of goodness that people see around you. You have an immediate influence on them. You learn from the pinnacles of your earlier mistakes by reflecting on them and ensuring you don’t make similar mistakes.

You pass your experiences onto others such as your children, your spouse, your families and friends. The road ahead is really based on your input. How you input your actions into daily situations will determine how you pinnacle looks at the end of this year. Huge tablets around the world hold huge inscriptions. Some are in a mystic form but if interpreted reveal an almanac of events in that era.

I want you to clear the road ahead of you in 2013 with carefully sought out goals tabulated from your innermost desires and then implement them in the way I spoke about before. As you pace your day your actions will give results. Our collective objective is to ensure that our actions always yield good and worthy results. My target this year is to publish 350 articles for you to read and use as a source to gain maximum output in ALL that you do.

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