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:the Secret:can I Really Re-invent Myself?
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Recently during my visit to a local bookstore, I encountered an old friend who I have not seen for a very long time. She recognized me immediately and came over to say hello. I was undertaking a very important reseach project and felt pressed for time; but I was curious to catch up with my friend, so I offered her a seat at my table.

After a very warm and cordial greeting we began to catch up on our mutual history. After about five minutes she suddenly changed the conversation with: "Can I share something with you?" Naturally I answered, "Yes,it will just be like old times.. sure, go ahead." There was a tortured look on her face and I knew that I was in for a long conversation, so I took a deep breath and put myself in a listening mode.

Her opening statement was, "Can someone really re-invent themself?" My response was "Yes! but why do you want to change? You are already a wonderful person." She began to explain that she was bored with the job she had, which was Nursing, and wanted another career.She had written her resignation and would turn it in on Monday. However, this was a career she had worked at successfully for the past twenty two year. "What else can I do?, She asked. "Tell me how to re-invent myself!"

For the next two hours we discussed the concept of what it takes to re-invent oneself. We first considered what it means; and then we considered who needs to have this knowledge,and finally, we considered the process of Re-inventing oneself.

The basic principle is that we are constantly changing ourselves; but we are not concious of this internal process and therefore unaware of what or who we are becoming. We brand ourselves as Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, Engineers, Bakers, Butlers, Nurses and Coblers: But that is really what we do, and not who we are. Consequently, we all need to become aware of this internal process. Everyone need to have this awareness.

My friend wanted to change her career; but instead, believed she needed to change herself. She was looking for more than a job because the career, [her Nursing job], was not fulfilling her mental, spiritual and emotional needs. Her inspiration and motivation was fading fast and so also was her creativity and her Will to live in the maner she was used to live in the past. That successfully defines her state of mind. But what will she do now to re-capture her mental, emotional and spiritual well being? She was off balanced and needed an adjustment.

The good news is that she was at the right place emotionally and mentally to make the change she wanted; because she realized that she wanted and needed a change in her life. Her acknowledgement was 50% of the process. Let us look at the other 50%. This second 50% is purely mechanical.

  • Set an appropriate and desired goal
  • Develop a detail written plan with strategies and tactics to reach that goal.
  • Build a daily Action Plan to implement the written plan.
  • Periodically evaluate your outcomes and stay committed to the plan.
  • Stay motivated.

At the end of our discussion my friend had a satisfied look on her face replacing the tortured look she had at the beginning of the discussion. All she really needed was reassurance and confirmation. By discussing her intentions, frustrations,false beliefs, confusing ideas and percieved challenges, she regained her mental and emotional balance and was ready for the task at hand. She was spiritually restored as well.

Street Talk

This is so true. People measure themselves and each other by what they do, not who they are. Fulfilling your life purpose involves learning about what you are here to do and this will always involve some sort of service to others. No-one is ever here just to make money. What was it that your friend did not like about nursing?

  about 1 decade ago
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