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Tips To Make It Through The Recession
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Let’s face it in today’s economy it seems like every day something bad happens. The richer get richer and the poorer get poorer. The middle class is no longer going to be around. What most people don’t understand is that in order to be recognized you have to be different. If you consider different weird then be weird in a way that makes you an asset. You can no longer rely on social security or one job. 

What I mean is that in order to make you different. You have to have something to offer that is along the lines of what your dreams are. Not what makes the most money. You would be surprised at how many people once laid off start their dream and make more in one year then they did at their old job.   I understand that today’s world seems so limited. But it’s no surprise that many people such as Bill Gates the former richest man in the world and Albert Einstein the smartest man in the world made it big during a recession.

It’s not out of reach. In order to get there you have to be determined. If you want to be rich or better off and have to do something you hate you will never be fully satisfied  no matter how successful you are. In order to be successful and rich you have to do something you enjoy. What people don’t understand is that a recession can be a bad thing, but it can also be a good thing. This is the time you can become creative and think outside the box.  Pick your passion and you will love your work.

I know what you’re thinking? “passion but I have so many passions”. Every buddy has tons of things they love and do. But most passions go together to build one giant one. For example you love dogs, you have two dogs, and you watch the animal planet anytime there is something on involving a dog. I get it! Dogs are your passion.  The thing you haven’t thought about is if you could do something for the rest of your life that involves dogs you will love what you do and never work another day in your life again.

Now the hard part is putting jobs together that involve dogs.  It’s easy when you sit down,  don’t treat your thinking like work but more like a hobby. In the dog market there are plenty of jobs, for example dog trainer, dog walker, own your own pet store this is just scratching the surface there are plenty more.  Next time you do the things you love you might want to put them together and consider finding a job that involves all your passions.

The world has billions of people. All of these people have dreams and want to pursue them when their young.  Soon as they get to be adults and enter the world they get spooked and lose all their ambition. I was never taught to lay down when I didn’t get what I wanted the first time. Think about when all of us were kids we were persistent and wouldn’t stop asking till we got what we wanted. What’s changed now I am not saying throw a tantrum in the middle of your boss’s floor. All I am saying is stand up for something or you will fall for anything.

Life is looked upon as very difficult to most.  Because most people don’t live the life they want to. They just blend in with society and hope never to have to get called out of the crowd.  This my friends is called the pessimistic world. Look around you ask the General Manager of your company a question. I bet you his answer will not be what the crowd says. Watch as he gives you his own personal opinion on your question. Makes you think he is not following the crowd.

That is because he didn’t get to that position by trying to be like his neighbor. Every day he strived to be different not to be a rebellion but to get noticed and look better than his competition. This is my advice to you Live your life. Before somebody else does. Look at this recession as a life starter not a life taker. The world is full of opportunity, the only difference between a recession and non-recession is, every buddy stops trying which gives you the opportunity to shine. Don’t quit when you’re so close.

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