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Unbeatable Tips To Build Motivation, Break Procrastination And Make Your Greatest Dreams Come True
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If you have a procrastination problem, envision yourself taking the action.

If you need to make a call that you are putting off, defeat procrastination by envisioning yourself making the call.

If you are putting off getting a project done, build your motivation to take action by envisioning yourself getting it done.

If you are holding off dieting, exercising or organizing your files, visualize yourself doing it to liberate yourself from your personal delay tactics.

You will find that you can do this. When you wish you had the motivation and discipline to do something, instead of feeling bad about NOT doing it, just imagine yourself doing it.

The more you envision the outcome that you want, the more you build up the motivation to take action for it.

The moment you begin intentionally visualizing yourself doing something, you are engaging in a success strategy for getting it done.

Beyond this, you are actually taking the first steps of doing it.

Any activity that you deliberately engage in begins with the idea of taking that action.

By directing your mind, you are in the process of directing your body. You are engaged in a stage of taking ACTION.

Taking any sort of action for what you want weakens the hold of inertia that strengthens procrastination. Help yourself to freedom by visualizing yourself doing what you want to be doing. Doing this also supports positive self-esteem and self-confidence, which further helps you make a breakthrough.

Thinking about doing something makes it easier to do. (This is why it is important to avoid thinking about doing things that we will ultimately regret doing.)

Early in my motivational speaking career I learned that envisioning myself having a great time with my audience worked so much better than worrying about the audience not liking me.

The longer you hold off doing anything at all for what you want, the stronger grows the inertia that produces your inner resistance to taking action.

Visualizing yourself doing something is already doing something to break through the procrastination barrier.

It will also fuel your desire and strengthen your drive to take further action.

Another success strategy to increase your motivation and solve a procrastination problem is to compose a list of your best-case scenarios.

This will help you to engage your full power in the dream-come-true process – the process of making your greatest dreams in life come true.

To help you to this list, consider all the ways that you want to be successful. What your life would look like if everything was working out exactly as you want?

Imagine how would you be feeling right now if you were achieving your goals.

Write down everything that you desire to happen to you, no matter how fantastic, miraculous or unfeasible it seems. No matter how stuck in a rut you presently feel.

As long as it does not involve intentionally harming anyone, write it down and imagine how you would feel if it was happening right now, if you were in the midst of that experience.

Making this list is taking an action-step beyond visualization, and it will ignite your motivation more intensely to get moving.

Writing down those best case scenarios helps you to focus more deeply, clearly and concretely on what you really want. It harnesses more of the power of visualization.

And by setting your goals in writing, you are more deeply programming your subconscious to commit to achieving those goals.

And you are taking more concrete action for what you want, which builds your motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem further.

It also sets into motion a momentum of action that will make additional, more effective action-plans easier for you to follow-through on.

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