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What Does It Mean To 'work On Yourself'?
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What Does it Mean to \'work on Yourself\'?

With so many advices about health, fitness, nutrition and inner self-development one can feel overloaded with information while having nowhere to put it in practice. Understanding the true meaning of 'working on yourself' will definitely help you in arranging everything you know, learn and do into an organized structure of approaches, exercises and eventually desired results.

1) Understanding your desires

The first thing one should be clear with is his or hers own desires. Answering simple questions like; 'What aren't you satisfied with on yourself? What do you want to change? Will you truly feel better after you change that?' can help you get on track of understanding yourself. Not enough people sit down and actually write out everything they want to make different. The more details you go into, the better you'll know your true desires. Sometimes you'll find new reasons for why aren't you content with you in current situation. Sometimes you'll have to get advices to move you from place. Understanding your desires is unbelievably important, because you'll never feel truly happy if you avoid doing things in alignment with them. Believe in yourself and respect your actions, mind what you're doing today and see if it's in place with what you honestly want out of life and yourself.

2) What actions to take

Before anything, the first action you'll have to take is the action of 'Working on yourself'. That action has already been taken if you took a look at your desires, as mentioned before. Work on yourself throughout whole day. Actively learn and implement everything that can make you be a better person. From the moment you wake up review in your head everything you want to change and improve and start working on it as soon as you possible. Not many of actions actually require separate time. Of course, if you'll work out on your body in a gym, you'll have to spend some time there, but if you want to improve your mental or thinking skills, you'll be able to do it on your workplace or somewhere else. The key is to be analytical and devote yourself to finding proper actions for improvement of yourself, both inside and outside.

3) Nurture patience

Be patient when it comes to results of new actions you added to your life routine. It is common that we want much in little time, but often, it the other way around. That's normal. Another thing you won't realise is that you're in your own skin all the time, and you won't spot all the tiny changes that occured. It will pass some time before a friend, who you haven't seen for quite a while, stops you on the street and says; 'Whoa, you really lost some weight!!'. Sometimes, you'll be the only witness of your changes, so don't let the lack of perceived results stop you from working on yourself. Everything you have trouble with today will be a piece of cake tomorrow, if you just don't give up.

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