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Why Do I Need A Goal
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Why Do I Need A Goal

Many people use the word goal in association with their kids. Unfortunately many more never use the word goal. Now I truly wish at this point I could give you the views of the great motivational speakers of our times. But alas what I can tell you comes from an actual life mine. I had no goals and my friends didn't have any either, And any goals we might have thought we had were really half baked and not much good past the talking stage. Some of my friends even went back to school but they still kept the same job after coming out. Some are even still struggling to find a job.

A goal gives you a direction. Although to some of you this might be elemental to many it's a new or forgotten concept. Maybe as you started your life working and dating etc.. You heard a voice to the right of you screaming upward and onward as someone charge into the battle of life ready to conquer the world. Twenty years later that same some one is covered with wounds and is licking his or her tail.

Battles, not even the battles of life are won with blind shots in the dark. You actually need a plan. I talked to a brilliant man who spent his life fighting in the military. He said Serena we just don't take a city or a hill. We plan it out step by step. What buildings we will attack first where every one will be at every moment. We even know what it will look like when we are done. He called it a plan in your life I am calling it a goal. But the name does not matter what matters are the results.

A goal gives you motivation. Have you gotten to the part of life where its hard to get up in the morning? Have you started wondering why do I do this. has the words this is torture come out even as a joke about parts of your life? If so you have no motivation. I know because again I was their. I got to the point where I knew the only thing I was working for was to stay afloat. Why did I want to stay afloat because I have a child who I love. But that's the only thing that was moving. My dreams had become dreams for her life.

In fact I was so vested in her life that I had really forgotten I had a life. So yes if I had motivation it was to see her do better than me. Now here's a statistic I did pick up from the motivational guru's of our times. Most children will only do 5% better than their parents. Scary right? Maybe its time to set that goal.

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