Craftsmen Motorcycle Tool Kit
I have spent many years riding motorcycles and as a rule i own and ride older machines, some of these have come into…
Sportbike Chains
This article will answer some common question about what to look for when buying a new chain for your sportbike. Some…
Flash Your ECU
This article will explain more about upgrading your sportbike performance by modifying the OEM motorcycle computer…
The Vega V - tune Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet
Do You Long For The Convenience And Practicality Of A Bluetooth Helmet? After researching a few different Bluetooth…
The Fastest Stock Sport Bike
Everyone has their own opinion and thought process when thinking about motorcycles. Some may think they are foolish,…
Sportster Oil Leaks
Oil Leaking from Valve Covers You may have bought yourself a used Sportster, in great shape, but you eventually find…
Motorcycles Articles (135)
Cleaning the Chevrolet Vehicle's Engine Bay
Often, while cleaning their Chevrolet vehicle, the car owners consider the engine bay to be merely non essential and most they just overlook it. Another reason for this is the fact that the engine bay is present under the hood, out of sight and so the car owners do not…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   May 26, 2011  
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Brammo Electric Motorcycles
There are a lot of electric and hybrid cars out there, and consumers have many different options at their disposal. They come in different shapes and sizes, and car makers are starting to pay more attention to the exterior design of electric vehicles, as well. So now, not only that…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Mar 29, 2013  
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Is Getting A Motorcycle License Hard?
Everyone remembers there first car and likely time they had to prepare and take the driving test to get their license. Once you are a license holding official driver you are likely happy to put those days behind you and just simply enjoy the ability to legally drive a vehicle…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   May 02, 2012  
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Motorcycle Tool Rolls
Tool rolls or tool boxes are an accessory to carry your motorcycle’s tools. Carrying motorcycle hand tools can prove to be of great help in challenging situations. Travelling with a set of motorcycle hand tools, you can make certain that you are fully equipped to have control of the situation…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Aug 13, 2014  
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Sportbike Chains
This article will answer some common question about what to look for when buying a new chain for your sportbike. Some of the information is generic and can be carried over to motorcycle chains in general. Always get recommendations from experts in type of motorcycle you ride. We aren't going…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jul 05, 2012  
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Installing Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts
There are numerous reasons why many of us buy aftermarket exhausts. Exhausts on older bikes are usually pretty rotten after twenty or so years and normally need replacement. Newer bikes often have cosmetic damage such as scrapes and staining. Some of us replace our exhausts simply because we want a…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Aug 18, 2012  
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How to Find Cheap Used Motorcycles for Sale
Today I want to share with you how to get some really great deals when shopping for a good quality, cheap used motorcycle. I know that we all want to be able to head down to the dealership and pick out our favorite new motorcycle and then simply ride off…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Apr 09, 2012  
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Biker Quotes
“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask…” You can undoubtedly finish this famous quote by President John F. Kennedy. Can you finish this famous biker quote by the overindulgent literary icon Hunter S. Thompson, “Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed…”? Motorcycles have been the source…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Dec 27, 2013  
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Review Of the Gopro Hd on A Motorcycle Helmet
History One of the first uses of a video camera attached to a helmet was in 1987 by Mark Schulze "The Great Mountain Biking Video, He mounted a camera made by RCA, to his helmet. The camera signal was sent via cable to a VCR stuffed into a backpack. The…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Aug 28, 2012  
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Yamaha, Air Cooled to Boiler
Back in the early eighties Yamaha did something to their two-stroke twins and instantly created an icon, they went water cooled, i can still see the headline in a publication of the day, Yamaha, air cooled to boiler, whats this all about. LC 250 and LC 350 Liquid cooled two…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Feb 26, 2013  
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Have You Ever Wondered About Accessorizing For Your Ladies Motorcycle Helmet?
Are You Content With Your Customized Unique Style and Your Personal Protective Gear? There are some accessorizing options available to you as far as trying to add a personal touch to your ladies's motorcycle helmet. There are some subtle forms of accessorizing, for instance a custom color helmet and possibly…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jun 28, 2014  
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Women on Motorcycles: Silencing the Naysayers
Wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle or desiring to upgrade to a bigger and better bike sound like easy choices to make. But what if you’re discouraged from doing so from those closest to you (or not so close). Or what if you don’t believe that you can. Well…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Mar 03, 2014  
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How to Buy Motorcycle Boots
This is the 4th in a series of 6 articles of how to buy good motorcycle gear. So far you've bought a helmet, some gloves and a jacket. You really should consider buying some good quality motorcycle riding boots no matter what kind of bike you ride. I'll give you…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jul 01, 2012  
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Used Motorcycle Checklist, Never Buy A Bike Without This…
Does the thought of buying a used motorcycle give you nightmares? Well, maybe just anxiety… How are you supposed to check out a bike without knowing what to look for? Simple; a used motorcycle checklist. This will help you understand any bike better – a necessity if you plan on…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Dec 26, 2011  
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Don't Lose Your Head - An Icon Motorcycle Helmet Testimony
A common mistake... ...of many riders is riding without the proper gear. Hey I did it but one thing I'll never do is ride without a helmet. I mean, yeah walking your bike down the strip at Myrtle Beach or Daytona may be an exception but if I might get…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jul 27, 2013  
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The secret to buying motorcycle clothing online is to do a little home work first prior to looking…
If you are someone who is thinking about getting into the world of motorcycle riding then you have…
If like me you ride a motorcycle and drive a car for whatever reasons and you have done or like the…
Even though there are an abundance of motorcycles and riders out there I still can't help but feel…
To Properly Rate A Motorcycle Helmet, You Must First Understand It! When trying to rate a helmet,…
The Triumph Daytona 675 is a 600cc motorbike designed with speed in mind. It has a compact, three-cylinder…

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