Is Getting A Motorcycle License Hard?
Everyone remembers there first car and likely time they had to prepare and take the driving test to get their license.…
Don't Lose Your Head - An Icon Motorcycle Helmet
A common mistake... ...of many riders is riding without the proper gear. Hey I did it but one thing I'll never do is…
Come Ride With Me - Basics to A Successful Group
Many seasoned motorcycle riders can successfully navigate any road but can they safely ride within a group? You would…
Harley Vs Honda - An Owner's Perspective
Like most of the kids in the 60's, my motorcycling life began with a little Japanese two-stroke. In my case, it was…
Motorcycles, Affairs Of the Heart
Motorcycles, an affair of the heart, when did it all start, i must go back 35 years, i was a teenager living in 70s…
Top 5 Beginner Motorcycles for Women
What is the best first motorcycle for women? The answer is not so simple. Like motorcycles, women come in all shapes…
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Motorcycle Fault Judged By Color Of Exhaust
Motorcycle enrich our life, make it quickly and easily and expand our space. But if you didn’t maintain the motorcycle well, it will also bring the rider endless trouble and unnecessary economic losses. If your motorcycle release colored exhaust when running on a flat road, it might have been under…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jul 11, 2015  
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Gopro Daily Giveaway
The folks over at GoPro are running a daily Gopro Camera Giveaway "one person wins 1 GoPro HD Hero Camera and one of each accessory they make". What is included in the Gopro Camera Giveaway? 1 GoPro HD Hero Camera Handle Bar/Seat Post Mount Roll Bar Mount Suction Cup Mount…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Nov 29, 2012  
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Vance And Hines Exhausts
Of all the upgrades you can find for your motorcycle, few will surpass a good set of exhausts. Whether it is for esthetic reasons or performance, your exhausts can radically change the character of your mount. For me, my newly purchased 2007 Sportster was in mint shape except for the…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Apr 22, 2012  
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10 Steps to Becoming A Motorcycle Rider
So you want to learn to ride a motorcycle but are unsure of where to start. Follow these 10 steps and make your motorcycling dream a reality. 1. Make a decision An important step is making the decision to pursue motorcycle riding. Don’t let fear, doubt or procrastination prevent you…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Mar 05, 2014  
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Rear Sets for Sportbikes Explained
Which is it? Rear sets or rearsets? The word or phrase is used interchangeably. What are rearsets? Rearsets are a set of aftermarket parts available for sportbikes in general. The short explanation is that they are the rider's (not the passenger's) foot peg assemblies. The rearsets are bolted to the…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jun 16, 2012  
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Sportbike Gearing Questions
This article will attempt to explain gear ratios and how changing a motorcycle's gearing can improve the performance of the sportbike. Changing the gearing can make the bike more responsive when the rider twists the wrist for more speed. What does it mean to gear my bike? Gearing a bike…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jul 05, 2012  
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Mx Parts And Accessories
I remember like it was yesterday, my first off road motorcyle. A brand new 1996 Honda CR250R. No sooner then I had my new toy loaded in the truck to take home I ran back inside the "candy store". Thats right, the parts and accessories area of motorcycle dealers everywhere.…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   May 31, 2011  
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Two Must - see Tips for Motorcycle Maintenance
Here we will discuss about some problem which is easy to be ignored in the process of motorcycle maintenance, like circuit, oil, gas or mechanical parts. 1. Minimum ignition speed In general, magneto ignition system has minimum ignition speed and it can ensure that the ignition system can realize high…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Sep 10, 2015  
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Best Buy Biker Jacket
The secret to buying motorcycle clothing online is to do a little home work first prior to looking for your best buy biker jacket, everybody wants to have a nice cool jacket to ware when riding their machine, or several in my case, i think i have four, along with…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Apr 09, 2013  
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Can Motorcycles Have Automatic Transmissions?
While most motorcycles will use a traditional squeeze clutch and foot-shifting set up there are actually some models of motorcycles that have fully automatic transmissions. Now it is important to note that scooters and mopeds almost always use automatic transmissions since the engine displacement and power is so low there…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   May 02, 2012  
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Top Motorcycle Gear for Women
Women are built differently from men. Some engage in extreme sports and can handle the revving of a motorcycle as they ride. Be they sporty or rugged, women will still need motorcycle gear that is specifically built for their body size and needs. Here’s our list of motorcycle gear designed…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Aug 17, 2014  
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Fault Analysis Of Motorcycle Gear Damage
There are many kinds of motorcycle gear, such as master and driving gear, change gear, start gear, rear driving gear, balancing gear, timing gear, tachometer gear and fuel pump gear. The function of motorcycle gear is to transfer power or change the speed. But due to the different position, the…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jun 26, 2015  
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Cheap Pink Open Face Ladies Motorcycle Helmets Can Be Safe
Are You Wondering If Cheap Pink Open Face Ladies Motorcycle Helmets Can Be Safe? There are some really cool, very safe and fairly inexpensive pink open face motorcycle helmets available to you for purchase on the internet. In this article I will discuss some of the features of a few…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Jun 28, 2014  
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Sport Bikes for Beginners
Sport bikes (or street bikes as they are often referred to as) are sometimes given a bad reputation in that they are for experienced riders only or for those just looking to abuse the power of a motorcycle. This is simply not true and even beginners can enjoy what these…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Apr 10, 2012  
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Choose A Renowned Online Store To Purchase Fibre Flare Cycle Light
Cycle is the most common transport that plenty of people use in their day to day lifestyle. Many people prefer this finest transport in order to move locally. Recently, the need of cycling lighting has been raised among people all over the world. The cycle lighting offers lighting solutions and…
By:  in  Automotive  >  Motorcycles   Dec 31, 2013  
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The idea of a motorcycle club may instill bad images or fear into many thanks to how they have been…
Many people know (and are often times quite envious) of the fact that motorcycles get great gas mileage.…
Here is some analysis on failure models in the process of using the clutch. Skid Clutch can affect…
Some riders call them rims. Old schoolers call them wheels. We''ll call them both names. Another…
Motorcycle chain is one of the most critical motorcycle accessories, it can be divided into sleeve…
May is the official month for motorcycle safety awareness and couldn't come at a better time. With…

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