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Review Of The Gopro Hd On A Motorcycle Helmet
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Review Of the Gopro Hd on A Motorcycle Helmet


One of the first uses of a video camera attached to a helmet was in 1987 by Mark Schulze "The Great Mountain Biking Video,

He mounted a camera made by RCA, to his helmet. The camera signal was sent via cable to a VCR stuffed into a backpack.

The helmet cam soon became a standard piece of equipment, worn by BMX riders, surfers, skiers, skydivers and other sports aficionados, to record and share their experiences

Do It Yourself Helmet-Cam

Nearly everyone who rides a motorcycle at some point will attempt to duct tape a camcorder to their motorcycle and shoot some "gun camera" footage strafing their favorite canyon.

This low-tech approach normally yields poorly focused video through a dirty windscreen.

A compact helmet camera system that uses a digital camcorder results in professional quality video

Motorcycle Helmet Camera Mounting

What is cool thing about a camera mounted to a helmet is it will capture anything you see. Due to the differences in Motorcycle helmets; you may need to try different locations of the camera. Make sure you can touch the camera buttons while riding, remember to make sure visors and vents are able to open and close.

Try mounting cameras directly to the top of a motorcycle helmet, where the camera can be easily pointed in any direction.

Also consider mounting the camera to one side of your helmet for an eye-level view.

Try mounting the camera mounted upside-down, to the underside of the peak of a Enduro type helmet. This works well in off road riding where top mounted camera would be ripped off by branches.

Don't be afraid to customize how you mount your helmet camera to get the desired point-of-view.

Consider two GoPro Hero HD cameras, one mounted on the helmet, one mounted using the GoPro "Chesty" Mount. The Chesty camera is good for long extended periods of standing up. Also nice to have 2 cameras in case one goes down.

GoPro HD Motorsports Camera Review


Photos with Resolution up to 5 megapixels and with Single, Triple shot burst, Time-lapse (1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 secs) and a Self-timer

High Definition video up to 1080 pixels

Includes a full line of mounting accessories for attaching camera to any helmet, motorcycle, car, ATV, jet ski, snowmobile, or boat

Impact-resistant housing is waterproof to a depth rating of up to 197 feet (60 meters)

What’s Awesome:

The best videos and pictures ever; no matter if it’s day or night, video quality (at 1080p) is phenomenal.

What Sucks:

Bring a cord to charge it if you’re going to be filming for very long.

The Bottom Line:

When you buy the GoPro HD Helmet Hero you get the world’s highest performance wearable 1080 pixel HD video and still photo camera. The Gopro helmet cam mount options include a headlamp style head strap that you can quickly share with your friends, a lace-through strap-mount for vented helmets, two curved and two flat adhesive mounts for attaching to gear, vehicles or whatever else moves you

The GoPro is a great HD Mini Camera – it is very impressive you can film in HD with such a small device

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