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Downhill Bikes For Sale - Do I Buy New Or Used?
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Well here you are, one of these people who love speed, without a motor and also have a desire to live life on the edge. Someone introduces you to the sport of downhill mountain biking, You decide that it's the sport for you. Now you need a bike and all the questions start. There is a huge range of downhill bikes for sale, both new and used. Now the decision is do I go all out and buy a new bike, or save a few dollars and buy second hand? Do I buy a full suspension or hardtail?

Hardtail or full suspension? A hardtail bike is a bike that only has suspension in the forks on the front of your bike. That is really easy to answer. If your main interest is general mountain biking, doing jumps and in general free riding and doing downhill, but not as a serious sport. Then a hardtail bike is a good choice. A full suspension downhill bike is set up specifically for downhill and is a much easier ride downhill, but not an easy to ride in other riding conditions.

When looking at buying a new downhill bike it is important to realise that the cheaper entry level bikes, will often be compromising the quality of the components to keep the price down. If you are considering a used bike, it is really important to get a bike mechanic to go over the bike. Downhill racing is quite hard on bikes, causing wear to wheel bearings, brake pads, and all the running gear of the bike. Repairing and replacing worn and broken parts on these bikes can be very expensive and may negate the benefit of buy a used bike.

Because downhill racing is an extreme sport on rough terrain it is very hard on all bike components. This means, unless the components' on the bike is of a high quality and well maintained it isn't going to last and you are going to be constantly spending money on repairs.

When it comes to the decision are to new verses used, If you can find a good quality used bike that has been well maintained and all the main running parts are in good condition then you may be able to get a bargain. Otherwise you might spend more money replacing parts than what the bike is worth.

With so many makes and models of downhill bikes for sale and a vast range in prices it can be difficult to make a decision on just what to buy. To find the right bike for you, check out the main cycle shops with several different downhill bikes for sale. Try them out to find out what size of frame you are most comfortable with. Make sure that it has quality suspension, brakes, wheels and bearings. Without these you could be up for costly repairs, or worse still, a nasty crash.

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