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Community Renewed For Fourth Season
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Community Renewed for Fourth Season

Count me as one of the people thrilled to hear that Community survived the axe, at least for now. Community had an eventful season this past year. The show went on a hiatus for about three months; starting speculation that it was going to be cancelled. Even until the announcement of its renewal, many thought it wasn’t coming back. It has been renewed for 13 episodes, down from the 22 in season 3. I’ll take it though because Community provides quality laughter and a fresh perspective on sitcoms.

For those who don’t have a great idea of what I’m talking about, Community is a TV sitcom. It revolves around a group of friends at a community college. This group gets into all kinds of scenarios and situations that result in laughter and good times.

Each week, you really do not know what you are getting. With different parodies and themed shows, it is exciting to see what is next. The show ranges from claymation to epic paintball battles. Really, the paintball battles are the highlight of the series. If you had to watch one episode of the show “Modern Warfare” would be it. Other notables include spoofs of ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Glee.’

The standout for me is an episode called Epidemiology. It is a Halloween-themed episode about an outbreak of zombies. The students are infected after eating biohazardous food and it results in the main characters trying to escape while helping out the others. Now, this is an extremely difficult scenario to make somewhat believable. I mean, students turning into zombies at a party? But that’s Community. Turning outrageous, unbelievable scenarios into somewhat believable but highly entertaining episodes.

The actors in this show are top notch as well. The characters all bring a different perspective to their group, and the acting makes it mesh well. There’s the arrogant, cocky ex-lawyer who becomes the leader of the group. There’s a devoted Christian who frowns upon sinners. There’s the seemingly unlikeable old man who doesn’t know how to sensor himself. The standout of the series is a socially awkward young man who is obsessed with pop culture. So much so that he continuously makes comparisons from movies/TV shows with what is going on around him.

My favourite character is far and away Dean Pelton. As his name indicates, he is the Dean of the community college. He is a happy go lucky guy that rarely is in a bad mood. His sexuality is always at the forefront. He is often seen cross dressing and dressing up in animal costumes. He is noted for having what looks like a crush on the aforementioned arrogant ex-lawyer.

Regardless of how many episodes are left for Community, I will be enjoying each one like it’s the last. If the Community fans get behind this series and show their support, there’s no doubt it will continue. The fan base is there. It’s important to note that the show will be continuing without creator Dan Harmon, so it will be interesting to see what kind of direction it takes without him.

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I love this show!

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