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Get American Tv Channels Outside The USA
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Get American Tv Channels Outside the USA

Most American TV channels now have a streaming option for internet users. Some charge a fee for access, some don't. Some have iPhone and Android apps, some don't. Some allow streaming of all episodes on their website, and some just have previews or the most recent episode. Though options for streaming vary greatly, the point is that you can get a lot online, and you don't even have to be in The USA to access them. There is no SINGLE solution to getting American TV channels outside The USA however, so listen up.

Satellite TV

Ok, so I should talk about this quickly, but I'll tell you ahead of time that I'm not a fan. Satellite TV is generally expensive, and with time differences while you're abroad, it's not really worth it. You've got to be in one place for a long time to take advantage of this option, so it's definitely not for everyone. Still, it can be convenient, and if you've got a nice home entertainment center, Satellite TV access could be an option.

Streaming TV

Most of the time sites will post new episodes to their website the next day after original air dates, if not within a short period of time. You can visit individual websites like FOX, AMC, ABC, and others, or go directly to the show's official website like The Walking Dead or Lost. Some television networks like HBO will even have their own streaming player and apps (HBO Go), which will allow you to access all shows on the network for a monthly cost. The streaming quality of these types of sites is usually top notch. Hulu is another option, which collects shows from different networks, and allows you to access them in one central location.

The problem with many of these sites is that you can't get access to them without an American IP address. I know Hulu and HBO Go block non-US users by means of a firewall blocking non-US IP addresses. Other sites may allow you to access certain parts of their site, but block some streaming features (usually the good ones). You can get around this block.

Virtual Private Networks

VPNs allow you to change your IP and hide the fact that you're not actually in The USA. This software is designed to make your identity hidden, and replace your IP with a location of your choosing. By replacing your foreign IP with an American IP address, you can access most of these streaming sites from any country in the world.

One issue that may arise is if you're not actually American. Some sites like Hulu require that you use an American credit card to sign up. This may not be an option. Luckily, there is one service that I know of that sells "American credit cards". It's like a prepaid debit card bought in The USA, but you can purchase it online from the website. The card is registered in The US, so it's just like using an American credit card.

Not all sites have this restriction however, and some don't care if you have an American credit card as long as your credit card works. You'll have to check your favorite site and see what's up.

The cool thing about VPN services is that you pay one fee for the service, and that will allow you access to all these sites. The VPN doesn't limit you to a certain amount of streaming per month, and doesn't restrict your access. It's just like your computer was magically transported to the USA, and you're accessing the internet from inside the country.

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