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Get An Ip Address From The Uk And Watch Bbc Iplayer Abroad (and Other Stuff Too)
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TV on the internet means you never have to sit in from of the television waiting for your favorite program to come on again. It means you never have to be bored waiting for the bus, or on the toilet. It means that whenever you think of that really funny part of that one show that no one can remember but it was really funny you can show it to everyone to prove you point. Ok, point taken. TV on the internet is cool. BBC has is right (along with Hulu, and a couple other sites), and provides these television shows for free. But they're restricted based on region, but you can watch BBC iPlayer outside The UK, Hulu outside The USA, and any other site from any country in the world.

Virtual private networks make this possible.

It know, it sounds like a load of technical mumbo-jumbo, but they work, and they're easy to use.

For example, lets say I'm from the UK (I'm not, but just for example here), and I want to watch my favorite program while I'm vacationing in France. It could be Hong Kong, Dubai, Africa, or The USA, but for this example, we're in France. Normally BBC iPlayer would play me some message about "We currently don't provide service outside The UK..." etc.

So you sign up for a VPN service. Or if you already have a VPN subscription, you just choose a server in The UK. Most VPN servers would be located in London, but there are some services that have servers in Manchester, among other UK cities. It takes maybe a minute to connect (can be faster or slower depending on your internet connection), and once the green light is on, you've now got a UK IP address.

With your UK IP address, you'll be able to watch BBC iPlayer abroad. Not only that, but you'll also have access to the British version of Spotify, ITV, Demand 5, Channel 4, and if you're a Sky TV member, their online version of this service.

The even better news is that most VPN services will give you a few other IP locations in addition to your UK IP address in one package, which means you'll be able to access TV from around the world. You can practice your French and German by watching local TV sites, or catch up on your favorite American TV shows.

This kind of service will probably cost you about five to ten US dollars per month, but depending on how many IP locations you get, how long you sign up for, and whether you want to install the VPN on your phone or computer, prices may range up to thirty USD per month. For INFINITE TV shows ANYWHERE in the world, it might be worth it.

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