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Get Hbo Go Outside The Usa On Android, Ios, Mac, Linux, And Windows
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Get Hbo Go Outside the Usa on Android, Ios, Mac, Linux, And Windows

Recently HBO has broadcast, and even produced some truly great shows in the past couple years: Curb Your Enthusiasm, 6 Feet under, The Wire, Extras, Entourage, Flight of the Concords, and of course who can forget The Sopranos. These shows are known around the world for their high quality. Being able to access all of this in one central location, on demand, streaming to your home, is a true convenience - if you live in the USA. But if you're not in The US, how can you access this content?

Well, technically, HBO only streams in The USA. Though you may be able to subscribe to HBO via satellite TV, that doesn't mean you'll be able to see past shows, have repeat viewings, or stream on your phone and computer. Plus satellite TV is expensive for the equipment and the monthly fee. Can you stream HBO Go outside The USA?


You need what's called a virtual private network. You don't actually have to own the network, but if you pay a monthly fee of a few dollars, you can access a private network of computer servers in The USA. This service is provided by VPN services around the world. Once signed into the VPN server in The USA, the IP address of your internet connection device registers as being from The USA. Thus, you're give access to US-Only streaming sites.

This problem is not strictly a US problem - most countries around the world have sites that are restricted based on IP address. Most of the time, as with HBO, this is because of distribution rights regarding the shows that available on the internet. Hulu and Netflix are the same, and require a US IP. iPlayer and LoveFilm require a UK IP. The Japanese version of Hulu needs a Japanese IP, Funshion requires a Chinese IP for access, and so on.

You can install a VPN connection on your Android phone/table, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows computer systems. So basically, if there's a HBO Go app for your system, you can stream outside The USA.

I would suggest using PPTP VPN for HBO GO outside The USA. This is a type of VPN, not a brand. This type of VPN is available at pretty much all VPN services. It's a low encryption VPN that can change your IP, but not eat up all your streaming bandwidth with features we're not concerned about. We need fast streaming speeds, because no one likes buffering!

This will work on all those operating systems I just mentioned. If you live in parts of The Middle East and Asia where PPTP VPN has been blocked because of government internet censorship, you may need to upgrade to L2TP VPN for smartphones and OpenVPN for computers. This will still allow you to stream, but you may experience more lag. There are other variables which may influence your streaming speed like your local internet connection, other programs running on your computer, or the number of other users signed in at the same time.

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