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How To Edit Videos
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How to edit videos

Okay, so you recorded a lot of videos with your camcorder and now you wanted to learn how to edit those videos. You might be watching a lot of videos on TV and on Youtube and you got some idea in mind on how you wanted the videos to be shown. The problem is, you don't know how to edit videos. Well, don't worry cause I'm here to guide you to get you started and suggest things that you can do for now.

How to Edit Videos if You Need Them Immediately

Sad to say, learning how to edit videos is not an overnight matter so if you need it immediately, you better find someone you know who can do it for you. Of course you need to pay them cause video editing is not an easy job. You can go to any video production studio in your place and have them do the work for you.

How to Edit Videos if You Have More Time And You Want to do it Yourself

I guess this is what you wanted to do really. I just shown you the above option because as I said, learning how to edit videos is not an overnight matter, that okay, you'll read the manual today and you can start editing tomorrow. You have to spend time learning and dedicate yourself practicing. Here are the steps:

1. How to edit videos step 1 - Get a video editing software

For you to edit your videos, you need an editing software. You can buy one like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or Sony Vegas for more professional video editing. If you think they are still expensive for you, don't worry because there are free video editing softwares out there:

Microsoft Movie Maker (already available for windows users)

Apple iMovie (already available for mac users)

Avid FreeDV



Just grab any of these softwares and install them in your computer.

2. How to edit videos step 2 - Import the Videos

The next thing to do is transfer your video files from the camcorder to your hard drive in your computer. The way how to do this depends on the kind of camcorder you used. For DV tapes, you can use a firewire. You also need the softwares you just installed to transfer those videos to your hard drive. Once they are already in your computer, import them into your video editing software.

3. How to edit videos step 3 - Edit the Videos

Like writing a paragraph, editing a video must also have three parts. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction is like a short teaser of what will be watched, body is the real story, and conclusion is like the highlights of everything you've shown so far.

Just try to plan before you edit. You can write a script actually. In professional video editing world, there are script writers who are already doing this and video editors will just based the editing on the script.

Just be artistic specially in the introduction and conclusion. Minimize special effects however in the body. Try to put some music videos placing the cut of every shot in the bit of the song. Shall I say, let the videos dance with the music.

Try to place some narrations, background musics, and sound effects too. For the transition, just use cut, dissolve, and fade to make it look professional. Avoid too much special effects and wacky transitions.

In short, be artistic but make it simple. Let the viewers watch the video itself and not the way you edited it. After you're done in your editing, try to review it carefully in case there are some mistakes you made. Don't forget to save your project often too.

4. How to edit videos step 4 - Produce the Video

It depends on what kind of output you wanted your videos to be placed. If you planned to burn it to DVD or Bluray disc, export the videos into high quality output like avi. Some video editing softwares allow you to export video files into dvd format so that you don't have to convert it first before burning into DVD.

If you planned to upload the video online however, you can export it into lower resolution. In that way, you don't have to wait forever for the video to be uploaded.

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