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Hulu In Lithuania - Using And Troubleshooting VPN
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Hulu In Lithuania  -  Using And Troubleshooting VPN

Despite the fact that the website is blocked outside The U.S.A. and its territories, you can access Hulu from Lithuania. You need to use a bit of technology to do this but it is possible. This technology is known as a VPN. The network hides the data leaving your computer including your location. When you choose the right service, it's possible to get a US IP address which is essential in unblocking this site.

The Basic of Finding and Using the VPN

When you look for a VPN connection provider, you have to ensure that you have an American IP. Without this, the network will not unblock American sites for you. Other than the location, you're going to need enough internet bandwidth from your local connection as well. Not every provider will give you this but the best ones mention on their sites that they can be used to stream American television online. They may even mention Hulu or possibly Netflix.

After you find the most suitable provider, you need to pay for the service and install connection method, aka 'VPN client'. Some computers and phones already come ready with VPN clients. You only pay for the service most of the time, though some clients (as with Nokia) mean you've got to pay a one time fee. The cost for the service averages at about $10 per month. Once you have made the payment the service provider will give you instructions on

Accessing Hulu

As soon as you have completed the installation of the VPN, you can watch Hulu in Lithuania. There are thousands of TV shows to choose from. With the free service, you can watch five of the latest episodes from each program and only on your computer. If you want to watch American television online through other devices, you need to sign up for The Hulu "Plus" version (more shows) which costs about eight bucks a month. Along with being able to stream media on other devices, you also gain access to any episode of all of the seasons available for each program.

Wanting More Entertainment

For those of you who want more entertainment of different types such as movies or music, you can use Netflix, Pandora or Spotify along with Hulu in Lithuania. Any American-only website that you want to access that requires a US IP address will be accessible.

Problems Associated with the VPN

The VPN generally solves more problems than it creates such as unblocking sites or increasing your privacy online. However, this is one possible issue that you should be aware of. If you have a slow internet connection or if you are using OpenVPN or SSTP, there is a possibility that you may find a decrease in the speed. In Lithuania, PPTP VPN is always an option. Some countries like China and Egypt don't have this option because PPTP is blocked (along with L2TP)

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