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Hulu Outside The United States - Will Hulu Ever Come To My Country?
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Hulu Outside The United States  -  Will Hulu Ever Come to My Country?

Hulu has attracted a lot of attention to itself in the last couple years. First, they were one of the first websites to offer completely free television streamed to your computer and phone. Second, after making millions of dollars and becoming the second most watched video streaming site after YouTube, they decided to sell. Then they decided to not sell. Now they're in Japan, and everyone still asking, "When will they come to my country?". Hulu outside The United States is still largely unavailable, and though there are hints that they plan to provide service to the entire world one day, three years after their initial launch, they've managed to make it to ONE other country.

And that leaves a lot of us out.

But there is a secret way to get access to Hulu's site, even while you're outside The USA. You can do this on your phone, and on your computer. It's called a virtual private network (VPN), and it's designed to change your IP address.

The thing that Hulu can see when you connect to their site and try to stream - the thing that gives away your location - is your IP address. The IP address is the identifier of your computer. It's like a digital ID, or a binary passport. It says who you are, where you are, and actually a lot of other stuff about you, but our main concern for now is LOCATION.

VPNs are a private network of servers located in various places around the world. There's a bunch of cool stuff VPNs can do, but changing your IP is what we're concerned with here. By signing into a VPN server, you get assigned a virtual IP address, and your real IP address becomes hidden. The virtual IP address assigned to you is from the country where the VPN servers are located. This is how you change your IP.

So, all you have to do is find a VPN service with VPN servers in The USA. This is not hard because most of the cool sites on the internet are from The USA (ok, and some from The UK), so most users are looking for a US or UK IP. It's also possible that these countries are English speaking countries and English is the international language, or that there are a large number of expats from these countries living abroad who want to keep their home country IP, but that's not the point. The point is that any VPN service worth a scratch will have US and UK servers available by default or as an option.

And this is how you watch Hulu outside The United States. Sign up for a VPN service, sign into VPN servers in The USA (there may be city options, but this doesn't matter), and then go to The Hulu site and start streaming TV.

Looking to get a Hulu plus account? This may be a bit more complicated. Hulu's not going to accept foreign credit cards. If you've got a Paypal account, this will work great. You can also get gift certificates from various places on the web. Even without a Hulu Plus account, the regular version of Hulu has tons of TV shows for free.

And if you can get this trick working, you can do Netflix as well. Yes, Netflix also blocks non-US IPs (except for Canada and Brazil). With a VPN however, you can get an American IP and access to Netflix from any country. I've done both, and I've found that Netflix is generally easier to get access to. Hulu always gets tripped up with cookies and other cached items in my browser. If you run into the problem of Hulu still seeing that you're outside The USA even though you're signed into a VPN, there are two things you can do.

1. Clear your browser history, cache, and cookies

2. Sign into a different VPN server in The US

I've found that sometimes the virtual IP address can register weird places. I might be signed into a VPN server in LA, but it will register that I'm in Australia. Play around with it, and whatever kinks you may run into will eventually get worked out. It really does work!

So to answer your question - You don't have to wait for Hulu to come to your country. You can start watching Hulu now.

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