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My Review On Bet's The Game Premiere
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My Review on Bet\'s The Game Premiere

Drama, drama, drama are the three words I would use to describe the season premiere of B.E.T's hit series "The Game". It picks up right where season four leaves off in the midst of Derwin and Melody's conversation over losing a child in college. Derwin's lackluster attitude about the miscarriage troubles Melody ,who is already suffering from not being able to have a child of her own. She is also troubled by seeing her step son D.J. and his mother, whom seem to always take up Derwin's time.

This is one of the only seasons (beside the first one) that actually seems interesting to me because, all of the drama for each of the characters past seems to be resurfacing. Kelly is gone after her booty shaking video went viral, Jason showed her the effects that she had upon her own daughter and left Brittany in the care of her father.

Besides her Im going to give my little review/analysis on the remaining major characters in the story(Derwin, Melanie, Tasha, Jason, Malik), seeing as the rest of the character are supporting cast.

Derwin- This young man has had a trying time. He is the father and a husband, the only issue is the child is not by his wife. His superstar status however, has not shaken his faith in his relationship with his wife(Melanie), but he has been tempted numerous times. He seems to try to play hero to both his wife and the mother of his child, who seems to still believe that they can be a family. He recently had his contract with Tasha Mack severed by his wife Melanie, which i believe will stir up even more controversy in the recent future. To add insult to injury Derwin and his wife seem to be having trouble conceiving a child of their own, which puts even more stress on him knowing that he can not have a child by the woman he is in love with.

My advice for Derwin: Enjoy the limelight of success, but he needs to be up front with the two women in his life, and I meant totally up front letting Melanie know that he loves her, but also his son and letting Janay know that they can not be together( the real question is will they accept this?)

Melanie- She has been troubled by the taunting of her husband's baby mother(Janay) and her own inability to conceive a child that is hers. She tries to put on a tough face for Derwin and be their in his son's life, but you can see the tension and pressure on her. She definitely wears her "heart on her sleeve".

Melanie recently became a Doctor(or maybe she isn't lol) either way she has risen up in her career, yet still has a lot of secrets from her past(especially concerning men) that she has yet to be up front about to Derwin. Her miscarriage in college almost split the couple apart, especially after telling Derwin that the baby was not his, but Trey Wigs.

My advice for Melanie: is to be honest....... but do it earlier on. She seems to have a bad habit of allowing things to linger on within her choosing rather to just put on a tough face and work through it.

Tasha probably one of the strongest women on T.V. also the most fragile it seems. She has made a career of being the tough mother/manager that does not take any disrespect, yet at what cost? She has lost Derwin as a client, her son is an alleged drug-addict, all of her love interest fade almost as quickly as the come(thanks to her tough mother/manager attitude). She now is dealing with her son's new girlfriend who is a recovering drug addict as well. Seems like the only person she can truly turn to, in order to open up is T.T.(a family friend).

My advice for Tasha: She will have to choose either be a mother or be a manager, but to assume both roles is damaging to her life. She eventually will have to let one go!

Jason seems to have everything a man could ever want, he is a retired football player, he is divorced from his wife(Freedom lol!), his daughter is in the care of his wife(Freedom lol!) and he also has his own hit television show.

Yes he does seem to have the life( on the surface), yet underneath it all he has family issues as well as some racial issues going on as well. In the season premiere a woman named Chardonnay confronts Jason's racial preference for Caucasian women. She also inadvertently helps him reveal and overcome his issue with African American women. His philosophy on women seems to have trickled down to his daughter Brittany who claims that she does not date black men, this disturbs Jason causes him to do some internal reflection.

My advice to Jason: The same advice Chardonnay gave; their will have to be some forgiveness in Jason heart to all the African American women who did him wrong.

Finally Malik, I would say of all the characters in this story line he has had the most growth and progress in the shortest amount of time. Going from Superstar Quarterback to a alleged drug addict, thats a major downward spiral. His time in Rehab did him some good, though he seemed to make a major break through as well as found what I believe the "right woman" for him. The problem that Malik faces now is not the problems from the press, but his girlfriends current health position. Malik used to be a player that would throw a woman out of his house quickly, he now seems to have regained his heart and is doing what he can to nourish the woman back to health.

My advice to Malik: This might sound corny, but find inner peace. Struggle through the bad press, retire from the Sabers and commit himself to his new girl.

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