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The Avengers: The Super Movie
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The Avengers: The Super Movie

What can I say about the Avengers movie, well if you love nonstop, fist-slinging, heart-pumping, jaw-dropping action movies well my friend, this is the one movie you have to see this year. The success of comic book movies, has been amazing, but not surprising it seems everybody has at least a little comic book nerd within them. With movies such as Iron-man, Iron-man 2, The Hulk, Captain American etc... my expectations for this movie was high(very high). Well I am happy to say that the movie exceed my expectations by leaps and bounds. In my review I will try not to give away too much of the plot(just in case you have not seen it). Think of this article as more of an character analysis, more than a movie review. The question is who should I start with, well lets go from my least favorite character to my favorite characters.

Captain America.

I know some of you are reading this questionably, and trying to figure out why Captain America is my least favorite hero in the Avengers. The simple answer is that Captain America(similar to Superman) is too clean, cut for me, he really is an goody-two shoes, American boy with advanced super-abilites, a bad looking suit and a cool shield. The character in the movie is very naive and his beliefs are easily shaken by, the Hulk and Iron man. Personally, the character of Captain America was not needed in the movie, he had no real remarkable scene or moments.

Black Widow.

The only female in the group, I must admit that I was impressed, by her abilities to hold her own. What I did not like however, is that she does not have anything super about her. She is a spy, who is extremely attractive, but lacks that edge that makes some one a superhero. Her character in the movie had a shady past, which explains her personality in the movie. I like her more than Captain America because she has an actual personality(she is not portrayed as this perfect princess, but as a real woman with a past).


This character goes through an incredible change in the movie. I like this character a lot, he does not have any incredible powers, but his abilities as an arrow-smith make him one of my favorites in the movie. His character is incredibly resilient against all the odds, similar to the Black Widow he has a past, but has the ability to fight through it. He has some incredible action scenes in this movie which makes him memorable, especially in one scene where he is standing on top of a building and shoots an enemy without even looking at him.


The God of thunder, seemed to be tied to the enemy through a bond, that almost destroys the Avengers. Thor himself is very noble,brave and altruistic(characteristics you would expect of a god, not of a human). His use of the hammer as a weapon as well as leverage, showed that as a god he knew how to fight, but was also incredibly intelligent.

Iron Man.

Wow is the only word I can use for Iron man. From the suit to the attitude he was the ultimate hero in this movie. With his wit, intelligence and incredible suit Iron Man, became the "leader of sorts" in the Avengers. He kept the team together through the worst and also showed some signs of self-sacrifice through-out the movie. I think my favorite thing about Iron Man was his sense of humor(despite the tragedies that surrounded the the team.

The Hulk.

My favorite character ever! Hulk smash! He took the movie, if you ask anyone who saw the movie, it was all about the big green guy. I can not say much about his character though he did not have the most scenes in the movie, the scenes he did have were incredibly memorable. Either as David Banner or the Hulk, his character showed that he was truly committed to the Avengers. As a fan of both Hulk movies, it was exciting to see him fight especially in his last few scenes of the movie.

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