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Top 10 Movies About Movies
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Top 10 Movies About Movies

10. Tropic Thunder

A spoof on Vietnam War movies, Tropic Thunder brings an all star cast to it's knees as they prove just how dumb and insecure actors are. From action stars, to Oscar winning Drama hunks to fat heroin addicts, the writers, including Ben Stiller take shots at Hollywood till the end. When a Vietnam war movie over exceeds it's budget and the director loses control, the author of the book, the movie is based on suggests that the actors are taken out into the middle of the real jungles of south east Asia to be taught how it was really done. It's over dramatized, ridiculous and Jack Black is pretty damn funny doing his best imitation of Chris Farley who would have killed this role.

9. Barton Fink

In the late 80s till the end of the 90's, The Coen Brother's had such imagination. On the outside, the movie Barton Fink is about a crazy bean town writer who's trying to make it in Hollywood. On the inside, it's about a man who's obsession with becoming a writer follows him into the afterlife when his reality in hell is a hot 1 bedroom apartment where he tries to write for a cocky producer who demands blood while befriending the devil himself.

8. Silent Movie

Mel Brooks gathers the best and the worst in Hollywood to come together in the 20th century to perform in a Silent Movie. What's pretty smart about this film is that not only is it black and white and actually silent but Brooks tries to give us the feeling of a real 1920s movie with enough of slapstick and corney jokes to last a life time. Dom is always great.

7. The Three Amigos

Another very quotable and quite un-remembered movie, the Three Amigos parodies The Three Musketeers. Three out of work silent movie actors at the begining of hollywood are given a letter from a woman in Mexico asking them to come and perform their act in her least this is what they think. When Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase arrive in the small desert town, they are greeted by real Mexican bandits who steal from and rape the villagers; they soon find out that the woman wrote to them because they thought the western movie she saw was of real heros who could defend their town. So Hollywood Actors are taught again how stupid they are...

6. The Artist

My movie obsessed cousin tells me that this 2011 Academy Award Winner for best picture, is the farthest from a drama that it could be; it's actually a parody of these kind of hollywood movies about out of work actors who turn to suicide. I'm really not sure now...The Artist is about an actor who was at the top of his silent movie acting career when he met an actress who was at the very start of her acting career. They share a moment and she becomes obsessed with him. The market takes a dive at the end of the decade and his producer tells him he's all washed up, meanwhile she is slowly becoming as famous as Audrey Hepburn. As her fame grows, so does her love and obsession with him...and so does his depression and anxiety about his failed life. This movie about movies is quite a movie indeed.

The top 5 movies about movies, and other articles such as the top road movies and Nerd Movies are just a few of soon to be long list of Top 10 Movies. Suggestions for more Top 10 Lists are also encouraged!!!

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